2011 May product recalls roundup: Consumer concern

Now that we are almost at the end of the month, it is now time for our 2011 May product recalls roundup, which seems to highlight more than ever consumer concern. As always there are children’s products, cars and also consumer electronics in the mix. So let us see what we have covered first, and then look at a few more products that had to be recalled.

Back on May 3, 2011 Toyota issued an expansion of their ongoing recall due to faulty airbags. The Japanese automaker was said to now increase this recall to a further 833,000 vehicles, more details can be found on our recent post. Next up was the 2011 GM Chevy Cruze recall due to poorly assembled steering shafts; our article reported that this affected 150,000 vehicles.

Next up we have the BlackBerry PlayBook, which affected 1,000 units that were shipped to Staples. The reason for the recall was due to a defective build of the operating system. Here we gave you details of the serial numbers of those models in the recall.

You can never go a whole month without children’s products being recalled, and one of the most recent is the Dream on Me Cribs. The reason was because children were said to be getting trapped between the mattress and the railings. For more on this you can get all the details at Wallet Pop.

Finally we have yet another Maclaren stroller recall, a few days ago the manufacturer announced a reminder of the recall due to children becoming injured by amputation along with laceration of children’s fingertips. The Guardian has all the details.

These are just a handful of the recalls that have affected consumers in May, but which has affected you the most?

Written by Peter Chubb

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