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2011 MacBook Pro replacement program demanded

When you pay over the top for a laptop you expect it to last more than 3 years, so just imagine how owners of the 2011 MacBook Pro feel that they are having failures? Owners are now demanding that Apple implement a 2011 MacBook Pro replacement program, but as yet the company has failed to comment on the issue.

The problem — Early 2011 models of the 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pros, have been crashing because of graphics failures, which is said to be related to the AMD GPUs. As far as we know this is the only model affected by this.

Even though Apple has not commented on the issue, some low-key employees do know about the problems, and as a result have been telling disgruntled owners of affected laptops to take them to third-party repairers, which to us does not seem to be the Apple way of doing things.

It would seem that this is not as big of an issue as reported because if it were, then Apple would be forced to initiate some sort of repair program, so surely it is not widespread or does not pose a serious threat to the hardware. Early estimates suggests that one third-party repairer is receiving around ten laptops per week, which in Apple’s eyes is seen as a low number.

How to tell if you have a GPU issue – If the screen on your MacBook Pro goes blank or shows banding, then there is a chance the GPU has a problem, although it is still unknown what triggers the problem in the first place. However, there have been suggestions that watching HD videos or something else that demands a lot from the graphics processor unit could be a contributing factor.

Have you experienced any issues with your 2011 MacBook Pro?

Written by Peter Chubb

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My early 2011 MacBook Pro is having the same problems. Not that I bought AppleCare this time around. As for my next notebook, Apples have moved pretty far down the list of options. Who is to say this type of thing won’t happen to future models?


I had a early 2011 17″ macbook pro which died last September from GPU failure which was repaired under warranty logic board replacement which died 9 months later for the exact same issue now out of warranty there is no point paying to get it fixed again it will just die again the parts being used for repair must be refurbished/used parts.


Called senior apple care day before yesterday they said they had to call me back within a day, and did so to tell me nothing about this was going to be covered…. Im furious i hope there is a lawsuit


I’ve had the same MacBook Air since 2009 and have not had one issue, although I now wish I never said anything.


Early 2011 Macbook Pro, £1700ish – Had a Logic Board / GPU Failure 3 months out of warranty – Apple knew of the issue with this model and addressed it for later editions – but still sold hundreds of thousands of these faulty units. Have been an avid Mac user for over 15 years but will never ever buy an Apple Laptop again. Due to work and software issues I have to use OSX – so i’m sticking to second hand Pro towers and iMacs from now on with proper ventilation and proven components and boards.

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