Nintendo 3DS: A Danger to Children’s Eyes?

By Jamie Pert - Dec 30, 2010

When Nintendo release their 3DS handheld it will undoubtedly be popular with children, however we are hearing of some concerning information regarding how the 3D visuals may affect the growth of children’s eyes.

According to a recent article posted on MyNintendoNews, Nintendo has issued a warning suggesting that parents should consider turning off the 3D visuals via the physical switch on the side, however this only needs to be done for children under six years of age. Below we have a translated paragraph from this link, some of the translation doesn’t make sense but the most important information is there:

“Vision of children under the age of six has been said that the developmental stage, experts, as well as] [Nintendo 3DS, 3D, including 3D movies and television, delivers 3D images with different left and right eye images The view that has a potential impact on the growth of children’s eyes.
To avoid the impact of 3D visual images of children, Nintendo 3DS [2D] does become available so we switched to video, enough for everyone to enjoy.”

My only concern is that a physical switch on the side is extremely easy for children to switch back, why couldn’t Nintendo make this setting more complicated to change, perhaps password protect it in the handheld’s software settings, let’s face it children like to press the buttons they are not meant to!

When I have played 3D games and watch films in 3D in the past the visuals have given me a headache (especially bright and light colors), I am just concerned that the the day a child turns 6 the switch can be turned on, I think I would prefer to not risk my child’s eyesight and superglue the 3D button to off, which begs the question why by the 3DS?

Does this news put you off the Nintendo 3DS?

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  • King of Games

    does anyone remember Virtual Boy. Enough said! 3D is a phase which will either blow up in nintendos face, or lead to more virtual reality progress! all the same, out retna's are in danger!

  • Felicity

    Not really. They are saying that 3d images in general are bad. The way they make the images appear is nothing new. However i'm not buying a 3ds until the price goes down.

  • SonofKain

    You got of love 3D graphics so real they will make you go blind. I think Nintendo may be in trouble with this one, it not out yet but with children's warning labels and with a price point of 25,000 Yen . = to $ 300 US. I love the innovation of 3d without glasses, but with such a high price point I doubt it will be a hot seller. Plus I not sold on the idea of 3d on a 3 inch screen. It pretty small not sure if the experience would be anything more than an interesting gimmick.