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Marvel Vs Capcom 3: New Characters and Twitter Leaks

We have some pretty exciting details for Marvel Vs Capcom fans now, as rumors have gone into overload over the last week or so, with regards to the remaining character reveals and also other juicy information yet to be officially announced by Capcom.

As reported from Shoryuken, a few leakers thought to be very close to Capcom and Marvel have been revealing information on social networking website Twitter, information which Capcom are intending to reveal soon.

One of the leakers in question, ‘Klennox22’ has already had his/her Twitter account removed, but not before all the relevant information was copied. Afterwards, a second MvC3 leaker entered the scene, and is also revealing solid information on the game.

If we were to believe what has been leaked, then the remaining characters for the game include the likes of Akuma (Capcom), Taskmaster (Marvel), Hsien-Ko (Capcom), Haggar (Capcom), Sentinel (Marvel) and Phoenix (Marvel). Furthermore, we’re also hearing reports that Galactus is the final boss in the game, but he won’t be a playable character.

There is also information with regards to Venom, Blade and Gambit being left off the roster list – it’s all pretty interesting. Head to Shoryuken to read all of the information for yourself – don’t forget that none of this is official yet, but it looks very promising you have to agree.

After you have read all of the leaked information, let us know your thoughts on the leaked characters. Do you think the information is true or not – are you disappointed with the remaining characters?



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