CoD Black Ops Ascension Zombie Map – Info & Your Ideas

By Jamie Pert - Jan 26, 2011

Recently we announced that Treyarch will be releasing the First Strike Map Pack for Black Ops on February 1st (Xbox 360), this DLC mainly consists of multiplayer maps, however there is one new zombie map, this is called Ascension.

So far no real details regarding this zombie map have been revealed, therefore I thought I would piece together a few different ideas and possibilities, let’s start with the obvious the definitions of ascension:

– humans directly entering heaven without dying
– moving upwards / climbing (ascending)

If the zombie map name has been given its name due to the definition of the word “ascension” there are two likely possibilities, perhaps we will see a map where you get higher and higher as you progress. I doubt the religious idea associated with heaven will be used as it is a bit far-fetched, but you never know, it would be kind of cool if zombies tried to make their way through the pearly gates.

An interesting take on the Ascension zombie map can be seen here, this thread speaks about this map being based at the Baikonur Cosmodrome (a space facility) another reply on the forums suggests it could be set in the Ascension Island government building (image here).

If you check out this YouTube video you can find out more ideas regarding the Ascension map, in this video Syndicate suggests that it could be set in Dallas Texas or at the Launch Facility (from the campaign’s Executive Order mission), either way it seems as if it will almost certainly feature a group of Nazi scientists who called themselves “The Ascension Group”.

As you can see there are plenty of possibilities, therefore we would love to hear what you expect from the Ascension map in the comments section below.

Update: You can see the official trailer which shows some Ascension footage here! Watch out for the red-eyed money zombies!

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  • Kali-swiss

    man im glad they made more maps thats wonderful now i can continue enjoying zombies just playing the same map really just gets boring

  • timmy

    What i can get they are all vorkuta steps.
    step one secure the keys, which is easy. turn on power.
    step two ascend from darkness, get generator.
    step three rain fire, get a monkey round and press buttons.
    step four, unleash the horde turn on that tv thing.
    step five, skewer the winged beast. shoot the rocket and look at the clock.
    step six, weild a fist of iron. free the guy and get death machines.
    but seven, noone knows… raise hell. all i know is the upgraded olympia is named hades…. the god of hell.

  • xMajor Moobage

    i just played and got to round 24 and watch out the monkeys destroy perk machines thus loosing your perks. : (

  • JlP
  • Patt

    well i think updates for new guns should come out. and the pack a punch machine should let you select a couple of upgrades from a selection.

  • FR3D

    I got a feeling that ascencion will suck

  • Mike2175

    I think that they are going to keep the 4 main characters and add a 5th because in Kino there are picture of the four main characters and then a black one. Regarding the word ascension i think that it means the zombies will be able to break through the floor in addition to the windows

  • Yo Brotha

    The good thing about Treyarch is that they always leave you hanging. This new zombie map is a bunch of puzzle pieces put together just like the nazi zombie story-line. They need alot of new additions to this new map "Ascension" which all them wont be put in. I hope for the best on this new map.

  • tim

    they should make a new character being british french or italin… id love to play zombies with 5 people and each character should have special abilities of thier own. like double damage from a gun made from thier country( tank, thompson,bar,etc.takeo,type100,type99 etc). or a special third weapon tank= fist or machette.nikolia=empty vadka bottles or a hammer ( used to be carpenter).takeo=katana or bayonet attachment.richtofen=walter p93 etc

  • josh

    the new zombie map should relate to a campain mission or multiplayer mission cause thats what they did in w@w kino der toten took after a jap airbase in campain vurruckt was in the russian campain when reznov and petrovink (u). a few levels before end in an asylum when reznov tells u to grab a shotgun ur fighting at close quarters shi no numa idk and der riese was part of a multiplayer map

  • NIall

    there are going to be new grenades, dolls or something along with 2 new perks with a gun, i can't remember its name but upgraded its called the black hole gun. Its gonna be sweet. For an image of the facilty click on the link.

  • nm1010

    go to call of duty wiki everything is there including a description of it saying its in a space port/station thing and that there are hints in the levels showing this and there will only be the four normal characters(tank and them)

  • someguy

    maybe your the guys you killed in single player

  • ZoMbi3_SlaYOr23

    i been reading alot about this and the new gun glesch or W/E has some kind of acid tech kinda like the ray gun just it has splash damage and will spread to zombie like the the wunder waffe

  • thrill606

    I read that their putting the cosmic silverback in the game to replace the hellhounds but I dont know how that really fits in with the zombies

    • lol

      i think the cosmic silverback was in the rocket in executive order because it has the same markings that are on the rocket and when you fight the cosmic silver back at the end of dead ops theres a rocket sticking out of the ground

    • housebanter12

      maybe more of a challenge

  • Reed

    its set in a Cosmodrome in Russia, and there is a new enemy the Space Monkey, it makes sense cuz the map is a Launch Facility where they tested monkeys in outer space, and there are new perks and a black hole bomb, and a new kind of doll that substitutes a monkey bomb i think

    • nm1010

      yay someone who knows what their talking about

    • minihawk939

      that is pretty awesome i wish it were on the side of a cliff though, that would be epic.

    • Kaliswiss

      its nasa lol hehe

  • lloydwood5

    roebuck is gonna be a playable character!!!!!!!!

    • lol

      say wut

      • 7thPrestigeAwYeah.

        a guy that is in cod 5. from world war 2. and now in the 1970s or 80s. but hasn't changed appearance

  • i tomahawk u

    I think itll be on launch. but it would be cool if the 4 players could be mason, reznov, hudson, and weaver. or maybe the 4 players (maybe in another map) could be Dragovich, Kravchenko, Steiner and clarke) or they might just keep the original 4 guys from w@w

  • matt

    it would be nice if there was a perk that let you carry twice as much ammo.

    • kris

      it would be rlly nice if there was a nova mask machine =]

      • dom

        it would be goo if all perks were available and hopefully a few glitches lol I glitch…. so what 😛

  • Rich guy

    What would be great is if two people are sent up a volcano to the top, and two battle their way to the airport and take a plane to rescue the other two defending off the zombies in the plane as it is guided to the volcano to collect them and you can actually beat the zombies.

    • minihawk939

      that wouldnt be cool, it would be like verruckt all over but worse

  • Joe

    i would imagine that sam would steal your gun like the scientist in five

  • Cody

    A mall would be awesome, but i doubt they'll do it

  • anon

    U know, I am not sure what this map would be, but I have a few ideas. Imagine an offshore Oil rig, with zombies coming around everywhere, and instead of gas zombies, mutated fish creature zombies. Or in a chapel. Hey maybe the accension is based in a chapel? The Ultimate Irony of such and evil presence in such a holy place would add a nice twist especially with guns being there and the violence inside the chapel. Or in a walmart/other department store… Or maybe even in a strip club!

    • anono

      no it means going up. this is cod not some art, its in a rocket facility

  • alex

    there is going to be five characters that are in it and five people can play at the same time there is many clues in kino der toten that shows it.

    • dom

      where is there in Kino anything about five players.

      I hope they have all of the wonder weapons, 5 players= 5 wonder guns? wuderwaffe, raygun (in all anyway), thunder gun and winterhowl and a new one for this map???? would be good :B

      • jeff

        after u open the 1st door up the stairs enter the room for the next door and in that room there are 5 portraits 1 dempsey 1 rictofen 1 takeo 1 nikolia and a sihloette of a new character meaning u can play as 5 dif people or that 1 will die and be replaced

    • nick

      you sir, are an idiot. that is not going to happen and i want to know what you smoking

    • Ben

      Yeah because in kino there are 5 portraits on the wall, and 4 are the characters, and there is one blank one, could be good if they introduce another character!

  • random plyer

    what are the dag gon cheats codes

  • mike

    i am hopeing that the notes in the many maps (assend from darkness) are written by dr maxis and that he lived, and indead time travles and you get to play as him, and samantha didnot live, and as a phantom now hates her dad for allowing what happened to fluffy (and in turn, her) and is now the queen of the zombie hords and hounds and wants revenge, on both her father and the assistant who causes it all, and anyone involved in the zombies. i also expect a new wonder weapon and i hope they include a new zombie type (maybe living teady bears possessed by samantha herself, or even ghost versons of her)

  • hasan

    I hope they have the ammomatic in this map and i also like the idea of playing as mason etc

  • ur mom

    i say that its gonna be giggityed!

  • Sick CoD Player

    It also shows the ak47 with an ACOG attachment but we dont see that gun in any of the two zombie maps so it could possibly in ascension.

  • Hooper

    Remember that original video on that had all the TV's? It showed bits of Five and Kino der Toten. I wonder if it also shows some clips of Ascension.

  • joe

    Maybe if it is heaven, it could be dead characters, so Reznov, Samantha, Dr. Maxis and… ?

    • hi bob

      thats all you know?

    • Justin

      Do you really think Sam and Doctor Maxis are resting in Heaven remember the demonic voice that always sounds like Sam plus I don't think Sam and Doctor Maxis would go to Heaven

  • bob

    if we look back at world at war, the first dlc zombie map sucked dick at fucking pussy. hopefully this map will be better.

    • xPocketSandx

      what are you talking about? verruckt was funny because it was the hardest map to play, with all of it's small rooms and the super sprint zombies that ran faster than you when you turned on the power. and it was really hard to get a descent gun from the box. that would be the best level if it had a pack-a-punch in it.

  • Geoge

    you know how that there's a crazy scientist in "five" maybe it can be Hitler the one who takes away the guns

    • I'veplayeditalready

      its monkeys that come and steal them.

  • chickenhead

    maybe you can play as mason an reznov if it is in Vorkuta!?

    • hudson.b

      maybe or maybe its mason hudson woods and reznov in heu city

  • random dude

    i dont know about the map but i hope nikolai came up with new jokes in the new map

  • Jacob

    While escaping from Vorkuta in the campaign, Step 2 is "ascend from darkness." When I heard this line i immediately recalled the writing on the wall in World at War zombies. and now this map comes out…could it be set in Vorkuta? it wouldnt really follow the storyline but who knows?

    • lars

      the new zombie map will be something like lauch they say it in a mission and woods is a bad guy look @ his arm he got tattooooooooooooooooooo from the nazi's and form that guy when u start game above there that is bumping on the glass

    • lloydwood5

      ha i totally thought vorkuta to lol

  • jude

    remember that bits of pieces of 115 element were put to outer space and eventually ended in the moon

    • Keaton

      ding, where do you think the missle at Launch was headed?

  • bill

    I would just like to point out that in previous zombie maps, a message written on the wall was as follows: "You must ascend from darkness" That same word appears. . .

    • druidnj

      i would just like to point out that you are a total scrubmunch

    • tyronewaw

      what would you buy just out of curiousity black ops HE edition or just ordinary with the addon cause ive got 2 ps3s for me and my bro and i need one more copy please help would appreciate it.