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AT&T Wi-Fi Zones Expanded – Saves Your Data Monthly Limits

We all know that a number of cell phone carriers have now started to impose mobile data limits, so you will certainly be pleased to learn that AT&T is to expand their Wi-Fi access for their subscribers. Two cities will now see this service increased, New York’s Times Square and, the Embarcadero waterfront district in San Francisco.

According to The Detroit News these new hot zones are different to the current ones available at such establishments like Starbucks and airports, as these will now be accessed in public outdoor areas. This will help to benefit a number of AT&T users, but more so those with the iPhone, as those customers are the ones who use their data limits the most.

We can fully understand why AT&T would want to improve on these Wi-Fi hotspots, as they know that Verizon is waiting in the wings to take a huge chunk of AT&T customers if and when they get the iPhone. It is little services like this that will help them hold on to as many iPhone users as possible – but has the carrier gone far enough?

Bloomberg reports that the reason why these two areas in the U.S. have been singled out is because they are two of the most congested U.S. cities for not only mobile calls but data as well. At least we know that AT&T are improving services in cities that need them most. What other areas do you think needs to have more Wi-Fi hotspots next?


  • Rob Whitey

    Umm…that is truly a fallacy about IPhone users. I got my first phone back in Sept of this year. I am a HEAVY user, lots of apps, text, etc. I pay for the 2GB a month plan and I have yet to exceed 280MB. AT&T was cunningly smart when they split their unlimited plan into tiers. They know from pure data how much people used. So you either under subscribe and pay overrages or you oversubscribe and it is wasted. They are punishing the customers either way. Once my version of the IPhone can be unlocked, I will bail for simply mobile. $60.00 for every just no 3G. But I will gladly give up 3G for half the bill. And service will be better since everyone isn’t on AT&T decrepit towers.


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