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Samsung Epic 4G: Android 2.2 Froyo Update Release Date

We have some good news for Samsung Epic 4G owners now, as some details have been leaked with regards to a forthcoming official OTA update to Android 2.2 Froyo. It’s going to happen pretty soon.

As reported from BGR, the guys over at Phone Arena have managed to get their hands on an official document, which reveals that the Samsung Epic 4G will be receiving Froyo on Sunday 26th December.

The update will be tagged as ‘DL11’ and it’s said to include a number of significant features, such as Flash 10.1 Player, improved Bluetooth device support, GPS enhancements and arguably the best – the ability to store applications to an external device, which some of you may find very useful.

According to Sprint, the update will take around 7-8 minutes to download and the rollout process will last four days – so if you haven’t received Froyo by the 30th, that’s when you should start getting worried.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming software download? Have you already installed Froyo via ‘other means’?


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  1. The epic is awesome i love the keyboard and the camera still takes epic pictures. its a big preference to have a keyboard, and with the 2.2/2.3 update the camera is really the only thing thats differentthan the evo.. and the kickstand, and the dual flash, and the bigger screen, and the mini hdmi port. so suck it evo!

  2. Wow this really bs a 600 dollar phone with android 2.1 and still no update yet wow u gotta be kiddin me unbelieveable u gotta be jokin me I knew it I shoulda got the evo instead of this lyin sprint samsung phone

    • Well just got off the phone with a manager at sprint tech support and they said that feb. 15th the epic will be getting android 2.3 over the air but as usual nothing is set in stone. Don’t hate on sprint, sumsung is the developer along with google so press your anger towards them!

      • it's not google's fault at all. they are working on the third version AFTER the one we have. it's all samsung not treating its existing customers properly.

        SAMSUNG – friggin update our awesome phones, or they will stop being so awesome! it was out of date when it launched guys!

  3. Hahaha wow it is what the 8th or January and still no update .. Wow smh who came up with these news should be FIREDD ,

    • Well Samsung is busy pushing their new products at CES, so we'll have to take a back seat because they already have our money. They really don't care about their customers apparently. If they're having issues with the update it would be best to inform their customers and atleast stay in touch. However all we get is the powerfully descriptive "In the near future" statement from last year omg, I should have got the EVO instead!

  4. When you get that update if some of your programs no longer work don't freak out like I did with my Sprint Evo. Perhaps the app creatures have already updates ready once you get Froyo 2.2. The Sirius radio app disappeared from the market after my update and the version I had looped after 20 seconds of playing. Iheartradio also would not connect unless I was on Wi-Fi. It's all good now as Sirius emailed me their new app and it was officially back in the Android Market a couple weeks ago. It had been gone for around 4 months. It's kinf of weird we look forward to a update for a phone we are happy with and then the updates screw everything up. I'm just sayin'……

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