Nikon D7000: Firmware Update 1.01 – Fixes Hot Pixel Problem?

By Alan Ng - Dec 23, 2010

We have some good news for owners of the Nikon D7000 digital camera, as Nikon has just announced that they have released a firmware update for the device, which you can download now via the official support website.

As reported from NikonRumors, the key area which has been addressed on the D7000 is bright spots, more commonly known as ‘hot pixels’. This occurs when pixels remain on the LCD screen when they shouldn’t and are a huge cause of considerable frustration amongst avid snappers.

The good news, is that Nikon has ‘reduced’ the likehood of users experiencing bright spots on the D7000, but at the same time, the problem hasn’t been completely eliminated. Here is what Nikon states in their update notes:

”Bright spots were sometimes noticeable with live view mode or movie recording of especially dark scenes or subjects. Occurrence of this issue has been reduced.”

You can download v1.01 over at the Nikon support website here. For those of you who own a D7000 let us know if you have experienced any hot pixels on your device, and how serious a problem you think it is.

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  • chrom

    I am using a D7000 with firmware updating, and i have experienced a lot of HP during long exposure photography. At 200-400 ISO – 30". It not might be a hard condintion for these type of camera. Could Nikon update software with a new firmware that fix this problem?

  • Enig

    I have experienced multiple hot pixels on my camera during my long exposure photography. Can Nikon recall all their D7000 for rework. It seems that it would not be solved since it appears on the sensor.

  • Rob

    I recently purchased a Nikon D7000 hoping this issue was well resolved by now since a firmware update was released. The camera I purchased did have a few hot pixels. Some that appear at very high ISO value's in pictures and three that appear in movie mode in low light situations. Live view does not show any hot pixels in my camera.

    I updated the firmware and none of the hot pixels disappeared. One of the three in movie mode was noticeably dimmer, but still very noticeable. The other two, unchanged. I am disappointed knowing I'm going to have to be sensitive to working in low light situations with this camera. I hope Nikon can come up with a more robust fix.

  • Marvin

    i updated it but the problem still persist

  • Victor Bettenhausen

    I have a new D7000 with a different problem. It is not recognized by my computer when connected via the usb port. I've tried 3 different computers, two different operating systems, 4 different usb cables. Nothing works. The only way I can transfer images from the camera to my computer is to remove the sd card and use an external card reader. I've contacted Nikon about the problem, but so far no response.

    • Adam

      might sound silly, but remember the camera has to be on.

    • Theodore

      Have you solved the problem yet? I have the same problem!! 🙁

  • Zul

    Yes it did remove the hot pixels during live mode or recording video. But not during when I took normal pictures using viewfinder. It appears at dark places when the ISO setting 3200 and above, also at long exposure setting.

    Hope Nikon will have the solution so that we’ll enjoy using their camera.