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Def Jam Rapstar – New Xbox 360 Update Brings Kinect Support

We have some exciting news now for all you Xbox 360 gamers out there who own a copy of the Def Jam Rapstar game and a Kinect device, as we have just learned that Konami has recently released an update that adds Kinect support to the popular rapping game.

According to Andy Robinson over at, players can now use their webcam-style peripheral to record videos of all their performances. If they want to, they can even upload all the best ones to the Def Jam Rapstar community.

For those of you that do not know too much about the Def Jam Rapstar community, you can visit the online site here, which enables users to participate in a multiplayer online experience where those that upload videos compete to score points. Visit this page to read their frequently asked questions, and learn more about DJR.

As noted on the official Def Jam Rapstar website (here), the next time you load up the game into your Xbox 360 console, you will be prompted to download the new patch. Once you have done so, you can of course start enjoying the benefits of having Kinect support.

Do you own a copy of the Def Jam Rapstar game and the Kinect device? If you do, will you be uploading any videos onto the community?



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