Samsung Galaxy S – Sales Surpass 9 Million

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 22, 2010

It’s no secret that the Samsung Galaxy S is a popular handset, but maybe it’s been more popular than they thought. It’s been a good year for Samsung with the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Tab surpassing expectations.

The Galaxy S has just sold more than 2 million units in Korea, it’s become their biggest selling smartphone after being released only 6 months ago. It has appealed to the Koreans and outsold the iPhone, which is not an easy task.

When you compare the global sales of the Apple iPhone 4 to the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S, you may be a little surprised. The iPhone 4 and Galaxy S made their way onto the global market at about the same time; the iPhone 4 sales have reached the heights of 14 million up to October, whilst the Galaxy S is at a respectable 9.3 million.

Zach Epstein of also mentions that the Samsung Galaxy S will become the first Android handset to reach 10 million marker, this is expected to happen by the end of the year.

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  • I've had the Galaxy S (Verizon Fascinate) for several weeks and I'm generally quite pleased. There are a couple of issues that are less than pleasing: 1) Android 2.1 – need I say more?, 2) Bing! Not that I have anything against Bing! but I prefer Google, and 3) Battery life – with wifi and BT off, but GPS on, I get less than 8 hours of mostly standby with a few calls and an hour of exercise using Cardio Trainer. 3G was down this morning and by noon I was down to 35% in spite of NO activity except 30 minutes of Cardio Trainer. By contrast, my wife's Incredible, with the extended battery, will go 2 days of normal use, including an hour of CT!