PalmPad: News on Specs Before Release Date

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 22, 2010

As we all know, the once dead tablet PC market is now booming. This is partly due to the release of Apple’s iPad, the current market dominator. CES is just around the corner, should Apple be worried about the competition on its way?

We are expecting a few devices to make their way into the tablet market including the BlackBerry PlayBook and a Motorola tablet running Android’s 3.0 OS. There is another device we are expecting to be officially announced at CES, that is HP’s PalmPad. According to’s Clayton Morris, the PalmPad will be available sometime in March 2011.

The PalmPad sounds like a great device, the specs are almost identical to the iPad’s, but with a few subtle differences. The PalmPad will run on the webOS and will have a USB 3.0 port. It will also have a mini HDMI port. Currently the iPad needs a special device for video output. We already knew that the PalmPad will feature front and back facing cameras, both with their own LED flash.

Something else that Clayton Morris mentions is that they are expecting more than 1 model to be showcased at CES 2011, they are expecting 3. All will have similar specs but slight hardware amendments between them. He also says that a 4th model is expected, this one will be aimed more at college and university students.

You can keep up with the developments of CES 2011 in multiple ways. There’s the official website, which you can view here, or if you prefer your social networking, you can follow them on Facebook by clicking here.

Can the PalmPad realistically compete with the might of Apple? What happens when Apple release the iPad 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • tekercheck

    iPad still doesn't support Flash..that means no Flash movies and videos and no Flash games support – and that's really weak. HP-Palm's new PalmPads supports Flash and will blow away the iPad. You already can't record video, you can't do video-conferencing, you can't connect USB devices, you can't connect it to your HDMI input on your widescreen TV, you don't have memory expansion slots, and you don't have true multitasking on an iPad…that's how pathetic iPad has become. All the PalmPads will have this feature which will make the iPad obsolete – Apple better make iPad2 support ALL of these features if they want to survive the heavy competition from HP-Palm.