Nexus One: Android 2.3 Gingerbread – Release Date ETA Update

By Alan Ng - Dec 22, 2010

For those of you with a Nexus One who are seeking some information regarding your update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, we have word from Google. You may have been expecting it to land before the end of the year, but this may not happen now.

At the start of the month, we informed you that the Nexus One would definitely be receiving an official OTA update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. At the time, Google stated that this update would be dropping ‘in a few weeks’, but obviously that time is now upon us and the update is nowhere to be seen.

Google has once again reiterated that the update is still on the way, by delivering the following message to Nexus One owners via Twitter, as reported by Phandroid

”The Gingerbread OTA for Nexus One will happen in the coming weeks. Just hang tight!”

So why you may be slightly disappointed that you won’t have it in time for Christmas, at least you can rest assured that it hasn’t been cancelled or anything like that. If you really can’t wait for the official OTA, you can try out this custom ROM which we told you about yesterday.

If you are a Nexus One owner, let us know your thoughts on the delay. Are you patiently waiting for Gingerbread?

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  • Henry

    Now hat we can do is waiting and waiting … when our Nexusone get the latest updated version.

  • pseudozach

    honestly I'm surprised Google can't understand the fact that all the devs have Nexus Ones and if they don't push it faster, they are losing devs' attention. Not cool.

  • animehq

    Google only have 2 phone : the nexus one & the nexus S

  • LDi

    Of course apple pushes updates to most devices homogeneously, they have only a few types of devices and it's theirs.

  • Leroy K

    Agree with Alex M. Disappointed!

  • Alex M

    This is ridiculous. I purchased a Nexus One under the guise that it would be the first to get the latest software updates from Google. This is obviously not the case.

    This waiting game is more of a marketing ploy rather than compatibility if you ask me. They are pushing the Nexus S in ads constantly as THE gingerbread phone to have. The Nexus One was the flagship phone for developers and techies. Now it's being left in the dust by poor update timetables and forgotten promises.

    I feel a little gipped. Mark my words, when Android Ice Cream hits the streets, the Nexus S will NOT be the first to get it. It will be another new phone, Google will capitalize on the new platform hype as they are doing now, and the Nexus S will get a taste of the medicine that was dished out to the N1. It all comes down to hardware sales. There is no profit in prioritizing updates to a handset that will not produce new sales.

    At least Apple's pushes iOS updates to most devices homogeneously (unless you are on 2G iphone). You must give them credit for that.

  • Mkraguljac

    Google is doing evil! Nexus One should have been first with Andriod 2.3

    Shame on Google!

  • GPNL

    At least we nexus one users get the update. People that use a galaxy or something have to wait forever even to get 2.2, especially when you live in Europe…

  • Asavri

    Hopin to receive a new yr gift frm GOOGLE!!

    Pls update ma NEXUS ONE wid android 2.3

  • Daniel

    I'm waiting…every few days I'm like, "I wonder if there is any news…" but not having Gingerbread yet is not …yet … killing me.

  • Guillaume C

    I'm impatiently waiting for it. Then again, I don't pay for that update so it's a mooh point. If I can't wait that bad, I'll just take the ROM.