COD Black Ops – PS3 Patch 1.05 Update – Problems Fixed?

By Alan Ng - Dec 22, 2010

We have some good news for frustrated PS3 owners, as we can confirm that Treyarch has released another patch for the PS3 version of Black Ops, due to address the connectivity problems which have been troubling users since patch v1.04 was released.

Treyarch were obviously aware that the 1.04 update didn’t go as smoothly as they would have hoped, and it was evident in the hundreds of complaints that we received shortly after the download became available.

Skip forward to today though, and Treyarch has pushed out patch v1.05. It’s available to download the next time you boot up the game and it weighs in at 27MB. Treyarch has made a list of the changes which they’ve fixed in the new version. Here is it below according to the official forums:

Patch v1.05 Release Notes

• Improved party reliability when leaving with party – an additional step in an ongoing series of party improvements continued in the next patch
• Improved UPnP functionality – further expands the game’s capability to open NATs on routers with universal plug and play enabled
• Enabled mute functionality in Playercards in the pre-game lobby
• Enabled kick functionality in party and private match lobbies
• Addressed an issue where the pre-game lobby would not always display properly when multiple players leave the lobby after a team split
• Addressed an issue where the pre-game lobby would appear stuck on the countdown timer while waiting to balance teams

We haven’t tested out the update yet, but we’re guessing Treyarch has finally got it right with regards to the huge connection problems that PS3, and also Xbox 360 users have been facing. On a side note, we’re a bit disappointed to see that they STILL haven’t patched an annoying bug when viewing challenges. Whenever you view sub-menus in the challenges, you’ll see that you can only view the challenges at the top of the list. For example, trying to view the Killstreak challenges only lets you view details for the Spy Plane, and trying to view Perks only allows you to view the first perk under Perk 1,2,3 – Have you experienced this, or do you have no idea what we’re talking about?

The main beef is with the connection problems though. Let us know if you are now finding it easier to get into a game on v1.05, or if you’re still experiencing problems.

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  • ethan

    well this is really stupid to say but since i live in nowhere,i cant do internet,i got the patch 1.06 i believe nd now i can do bots on splitscreen but cant have my brother play,i really have no idea y,he told me it was the ps3 auto connect or somethin

  • jackchops

    after this new update my blackops wont let me connect is keeps saying that i cannot conect to the black ops server and please try again later can i redownload it or somehting ?

  • luke

    I'm still having problems i click to get into a game and it freezes my ps3 this didnt start happening to recently i was playing fine before and the single player works fine…. looks like they need another update

  • michael green

    im getting really pissed off now 5 times out of 10 the games loses connection and its doing my head right in what a dis apointment this game is…….fix it please

  • nate


  • Dylan

    I still can't join a friend's party, type 2 nat for all of us, not the router or the ports…

  • Saim

    I totally and 100% agree with Nick, I mean 1 billion bloody dollars and they cant fix a problem which to them should be simple enough as taking our hard earnt cash for a pathetic attempt at a game tha is supossed to be working. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE LET DOWN…

  • Chris

    I'm on strict NAT and it works ok. Before the patch it wouldn't even get on to the pre game lobby. Gotta change my NAT. 🙁

  • Fruttexiq

    I am really annoying I got Black OPS for christmas but I have framerate issues in some maps and game freeze about 3-4 hours playing some days more than once 🙁 I am really sad…..Xbox didnt have any of these problems

  • Jake

    I wonder if restoring my ps3 will make it work?

  • NFxEleMenTz

    I haven’t had the patch yet:( Hhmmm. I’m in England

  • slydog055

    i got it for christmas i have not experienced any lag or connection problems or freezing but i did find it makes the harddrive work hard

  • hulio8888

    i just keep getting nocked off and that gets on my nervs and i got hight speed thats what makes it so bad

  • Nick

    Treyarch your latest patch 1.05 does not work, look your not listening to us, for me as a PS3 user I'm still getting Host Migration, Loss Of Connection, PS3 Freezing and Lag, according to law, you have sold us a product that does not work, so really we should all get our money back, so please can you spend some of your $1 Billion on getting this game working.

  • JSS

    Played numerous games at my mothers house right after 1.05, with my own PS3, but on a new disc. Took the ps3 with me back home to my own place and my old disc and then all was back to normal hopeless mal-function. So, it is not the PS3, it is either the disc or the network, which at my own place is NAT2. … Nice couple of days when everything actually worked 🙂 – now it sucks more than ever. The game is useless and I strongly considfer to buy a Xbox and go that way – not religious about platform – as long as it works. PS3 doesnt.

  • FuckTreyarch

    You should be f*cking ashamed. If you really wanted the xbox 360 to thrive then make it an exclusive. I had to pay £44 for a bloody gimped version?? Shame on you Olin, Lamia and the rest of you. Back to Killzone 2 and MW2 now . Can’t wait for KZ3 so this lag ops rubbish won’t be an issue.

  • Skillz

    im downloading it now…i havent played it since the week of release on multiplayer or the game at all the game fuckn pissed me off cuz of the anoying lag and no invs my question is did this patch fix the invites also or is that still a problem and mics

  • Jake

    I cant even get to the update screen before it freezes!!!!
    I just waanna shoot people wwwwwaaaaaahhhhh!

  • tim

    this patch sucks i cant even download!

  • cbone99

    idk if u guys do but maybe if u play on a modified system it messes up the game cuz my shit dont freeze that much and little lag. r u the only 1 using your internet cuz that could make it lag too. i mean ive seen people at 15th prestige in under 2 days sorry but thats not gonna happen

  • Jeff

    I don't think we can blame the PS3. this is the only online game I know of that is having this problem, and yes it is STILL happening 2 patches later… I'd be at prestige 50 weeks ago if trayarch would get off their arses and fix this game properly once and for all.

  • Sam

    Just been playing for 3 hours. Got into games fine, only froze once.
    Woudn't say it was perfect, but at least they're trying to fix it!!

  • Jaimy

    I got a problem if i put my Internet on and click on Black Ops.
    Then i get a update 1.05 then this writed: He stops after 44% or 33% or whatever and under the download bar this: Can't download the update on the background!
    But idk what it means :S

  • tom

    just played it with the new patch, i was host every game and it was still lagging like hell. they should just rename it call of duty lag ops and leave it at that. the online on this game is a joke, i really don't understand how it is so much worse than previous call of dutys, youd think with the advanced technology it would be better

  • Johnny

    I had the weirdest bug while i was playing split screen. I had a sniper and my friend was using the famas and when i scoped in i would see his screen through my scope, made it virtually impossible to get a scoped kill

  • jdowst

    i cant even download the update…

    • willem

      i cant download too

    • cdn_hightimez

      you have to delete the patc in the game save utility. i also erase all my game save data. inserted disk and it allowed me to download 1.05. only problem is i get to play 1 game and it freezes. spent all day jerkin with it and got to play four games. all ended with system freeze. getting all kinds of errors. anxiously waiting for 1.06

  • Zack

    New update make the ps3 hard dirve work like crazy making my 60 gig freeze up

  • Zack

    New update make the ps3 hard dirve work like crazy making my 60 gig freeze up
    AAHHHHHHHHHHHH damn it ppl

  • rogwh88

    Still aggrivating that the scrren is locking up and have to reboot the whole system. I don't know if it's the game or the PS3 but im ready to get rid of both! I've already told friends the issues I'm having and most have gone with the X-box 360 in lieu of the PS3. The ones who have X-box say they don't experience this problem….

  • StuDaBear

    gets into the online games now with ease, however it continues to freeze, 3 times today, only way round is to hold power button down to reset the ps3. This really sucks.

  • Emental

    Everything it says it fixed it did. Although after the update when I used my flash nades they seem to be messed up. If someone gets flashed it doesn’t show up anymore with the lines around your crosshair. And when a guy was prone and another standing behind him the flash only got the guy prone and not the one standing even tho there was nothing that protected him from the flash when I seen it on the kill cam. It’s pretty annoying.

  • mark

    has zombies been patched

  • Farhan

    The patch did work but it still says moderate. what do i do then?

  • Tomtom

    Love yah guys! <3

  • eddie

    after 104 at least it was playable now after 105 4 games 3 hard freezes
    got sick fed up after that and switched off wat a let down this game is never buying another cod game

  • Cmeifucanvr4

    The new update works flawlessly! It was so easy to get into a game I didn’t believe it! I’m back to loving playing online now!