Security Shield Virus / Malware Removal Guide

By Jamie Pert - Dec 20, 2010

We have noticed that a lot of people seem to have been infected with a rogue-anti-spyware program which calls itself Security Shield, this programs looks pretty legitimate, however it is similar to Security Suite and Ultra Defragger and falsely reports that there are problems with your computer.

If you try to fix these fake problems Security Shield tells you that you must purchase the full program, which is how they make money from this malware, you can see a screen showing the fake program below.

Once installed Security Shield can have a lot of adverse affects on your computer’s performance, therefore a lot of people are looking to remove it completely, in the post we will hopefully help you to do this.

You can see a fully detail removal guide here, to summarize you must first download a few free tools, it will probably be easier to download these on another computer and then burn them to disc or copy them to a USB flash drive. Here are the tools you will need, click on them to download them CCleaner, RKill and Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware.

The first thing to do is boot your infected computer into Sade Mode with networking, to do this press F8 during boot up and choose “Safe Mode with Networking” from the list, if you are having trouble with this step check out our how to guide here.

Once in you should be able to install CCleaner and Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, do this and run CCleaner, on the left click Cleaner and then in the bottom right click run cleaner, this should clear a lot of unnecessary files from your computer, which will drastically speed up the rest of the removal process.

The next step is to run RKill, this program will terminate any processes associated with infections, it is an automated process so just double click the .exe and wait for a minute or so.

Now you must run Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, when you open the program you should see a few tabs to choose from, select update and then check for updates, this will update MBAM’s definition files, once updated click on the scanner tab and perform a full scan. This scan will take some time (a couple of hours perhaps), once finished click “Show Results” and then click “Remove Selected”, this will remove all infections found, a restart may be required.

Your PC should restart in normal mode and there should be no sign of Security Shield, I would recommend that you install Windows Updates and update your Antivirus protection, if you do not have protection check out our ESET Security Centre 4 review, there’s a free trial.

Did this process work for you?

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  • ph

    worked for me – thank you very much!

  • Cessy

    Im having the damndest time getting rid of this!!! HELP



  • Adam93

    I have tried to download a number amount of programs that are said to help get rid of this virus, but none will open due to the fucking piece of shit security shield. Is there anything i can do to remove this thing without it not letting me open the program? Please help it's driving me insane.

  • danielle369

    I just received this virus tonight and my week so far has already been bad and this does not make it any better. I have downloaded programs to remove it, but does nothing. I have even tried following the step by steps and still NOTHING. This damn thing is driving me nuts and maybe needing to get a new laptop. I need a new one anyways but now I may not be able to sell this laptop because unlike people who make viruses for a living since they have nothing else better to do, I actually want to sell a product that is clean of everything. Whoever did this program I would so like to report them and when I do find out who it is, I will most definately report their ass. I am sick of these damn things popping up. This has happend to me once before, just with a different virus program.

  • I can’t believe how cruel some people can be. They obviously have no life, sticking this thing on my computer, telling me every 5 seconds to remove non-existing viruses. And the price it suggests, $80, that’s absurd. That was around the time I figured this is a scam and how they make money off of some people.

  • formidable2

    Sorry… I meant all RKill downloads are infected with trojans. That is what I need a substitute software for.

  • formidable2

    All Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware downloads contain trojans today. Are there any substitutes?

  • Brian

    Has completely taken over my PC AND I have no idea how or where it came from!
    All of the removal procedures require that you have access to desktop and the internet….this has blocked everything.
    Computer is toast. I needed an excuse to get a Mac….but how did it get in?

  • Linda

    omg…this thing is driving me NUTS !! Even when you try to do RUN/regedit, the damn virus pops up, and stops me from running it !! GRRRRRR

  • cath

    what does it do to your computer?

  • ljp

    I just got this pop-up and I have no idea where it came from–as I never download from pop-ups. Moreover, when I tried to end it as a task via Task Mgr, nothing outside of Google Chrome was running. I was immediately suspicious. I looked at download history and browser history to see if I could find what the name of this file was so that I could delete through Control Panel/Program/Uninstall. Then, I noticed that my Microsoft Security had been disabled and it would not let me open it. Then Task Mgr was disabled. Suddenly all my icons and the rest of the display went large caps. Eventhough I have a purchased copy of AVG that ran just 1.5 hrs ago, I attempted to push another scan–but the program would just crash, as would CCleaner and PCTools Registry Cleaner. I ran SpyBot, which saw some things, which I removed, but the not this Security Shield. I am now in Safe Mode, running all I got again. HELP!

  • gil

    Is there a practical way how to sue this sub humens? I will be happy to do so.

  • ellie

    I would rather shoot them than sue them! They are taking advantage of elderly people.

  • larry harris

    I am definitely interested in sueing the persons responsible. I have lost time, money and had untold damage done to my computer. I am visually impaired and must have a computef that performs as well as possible. For a company that sells a solution to a problem that they cause is criminal, and they also sell an extraction program as well. Check wiki-pedia.

  • corey

    thank you
    ant write more im restarting my pc now

  • james wardle

    I been considering filing a Class Action lawsuit against Security Shield. This is a very dangerous virus and I'am certain has caused untold monetary damage. If anyone one is interested please contact me at