Razer Naga: Special Edition Molten – Ultimate Gaming Mouse?

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 20, 2010

For all of you gamers that have already worn out your mouse after the release of WoW Cataclysm, we have a new gaming mouse that you will no doubt be interested in. The design of the mouse is amazing, the molten look of cracked rock, with intricate details spanning across the mouse means that it really looks the part, but can it play the part?

The Mouse is priced at $79.99, but what do you get for your money? The mouse has 5600dpi with a 3.5G Laser Sensor. It has 17 fully programmable MMO-optimized buttons, 12 of those buttons are on a thumb grid and it works with a PC or a Mac.

There have been a couple of buyer’s who have given feedback on the official RazerZone website. Damien said “Best mouse out there atm. Played at a friends and took on full wrathful solo.” He also rated it at 5 stars.

One of Mashable’s writers has also written an article on the mouse, he has included a gallery of pictures for your viewing pleasure. We did also talk to you about the Razer Naga MMO mouse, which is pretty much the same as this one but in cool blue, you can read more about it here. Another thing that you should know, over on Razor’s website you can view a number of videos of the device, once of them has been included at the bottom of the article.

The big question, would you pay $80 for a gaming mouse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Dom

    Dudes its an awesome mouse… I got it for Christmas but they were out of stock until January 5th is when I got it because of the high amount bought. But I don't know if it is over heating or has a hand warmer because it is FRICKING AWESOME but yeah it keeps my hands warm by generating heat.

  • Biser

    The mouse is very cool looking and i like its many buttons but 80 dollars wtf ! :X