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MotorStorm: Apocalypse – Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

If you’re planning on pre-ordering the MotorStorm: Apocalypse game, then we have some really exciting news for you right now. Evolution Studios made an announcement on the US PS Blog recently, revealing details of the pre-order bonuses that are available for the upcoming off-road racer.

According to a recent article by Adam Wolfe over at, there are three different pre-order bonus packs to choose from, which will be available from stores such as GameStop, Amazon and Best Buy. Pre-Order Pack 1 is the Carbon Edition Supercar.

This pack includes the Carbon Edition Supercar, a Carbon Edition PSN icon, a dynamic XMB theme, a unique high-end vinyl design and 4 exclusive chrome sticker designs, which can in fact be applied to any other vehicle in the game. Pack 2 is the Carbon Edition Rally Car.

The Rally Car pack contains pretty much the same as the above, but instead of a Carbon Edition Supercar you get a Carbon Edition Rally Car. The final pack is the Carbon Edition Superbike, which again contains much the same only you are getting a Superbike instead of a Supercar or Rally Car.

Although the pre-order bonuses have now been revealed, we still don’t know which store has which bonus. Gamers are being advised to contact a specific retailer, to find out which pre-order bonus they are offering. You can read more and view video clips over at



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