Kindle Case Causes Rebooting Problem?

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 20, 2010

When has there ever been an electronic issue caused to a device by its case? It doesn’t happen often but unfortunately for Amazon that is exactly what has happened. Their K3 model has been recognized to be rebooting and freezing only whilst in its cover.

This will be music to Barnes & Noble’s ears as they have the main competitor in the market, the Nook. According to’s Mark Hachman, Amazon are going to honor any returns for the cover, offering either an exchange or full refund no matter how long ago of the cover was purchased.

It’s worth noting that the company hasn’t officially confirmed this as an actual problem, although they have told they have an engineering team looking into it.

Amazon have a problem page that you can view here, it shows some people who have experienced this issue amongst others. If you are experiencing the above problem and want to get a refund on the case, then you need to send an email to

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  • Nick

    I called amaozons customer service, let me say probably the best costumer service ive ever dealed with. I had the cheaper case and they credited my account with $60 enough to buy the more expensive case with a light.

  • SJP

    The metal clips do short circuit the Kindle. I put tape on the metal clips and the problem stopped. Since then I have found a better solution. I took a pair or hospital rubber gloves and cut the ends of the fingers off. I then put those ends over the top and bottom metal clip and pulled them snug while I put the clips into the Kindle. I then trimmed the excess rubber and now have thoroughly insulated the clips so the Kindle does not reboot at all. I love this case and was just not willing to give it up. I hope this works for those of you wanting to use the case.

  • Ananymous

    It has to be said that amazon customer service is one of the most efficient I have ever dealt with.

  • anonymous

    Had that problem with the less expensive case, talked to Kindle technician. Within less than a day a had the more expensive case (with built-in light) and have had no problems since. It seems that the elastic strap placement may be the problem because I see little difference between the two cases.

    Amazon Kindle get an A+ on customer service from me!