COD Black Ops DLC: First Strike Map Pack – Release Date, Details

By Alan Ng - Dec 20, 2010

We have some exciting news for you now, especially if you’re an Xbox 360 owner, as we now have details on the very first DLC Map Pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops. It’s called ‘First Strike’ and it will be available to download early next year.

As you probably already know, this pack will first be available for Xbox 360 only, as we can now tell you that First Strike will go live on the Marketplace on 1st February. If Activision follow similar trends as previous games, we’re guessing that the PS3 and PC platforms will get the pack one month later, so sometime during March.

According to this Joystiq report, the pack will be priced at 1200 Microsoft points (around $15) and will consist of four new multiplayer maps as well as a brand new zombie map. The four multiplayer maps are Discovery, Stadium, Kowloon and Berlin Wall, while the new zombie map will be titled ‘Ascension’.

We’ll be bringing you full details on each map soon, including our thoughts on the new zombie map. Are you looking forward to First Strike? If you are a PS3 or PC owner, let us know your thoughts on the Xbox 360 exclusivity.

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  • Kplohl

    can you get black ops map packs for wii

  • Kali-swiss

    the only thing i don't like about it is when your trying to knife online say if you lag knifing a enemy or zombie would suck and i am not sure why they really put the jump in it while the jumping really is not useful in the game (they could of put R2 AND RT FOR WEAPON MELEE)

  • Kali-swiss

    however (microsoft) does make more money than the (sony) comapany thats what makes the difference

  • sasher2007

    release date is today time i hear from psn is around 3pm gmt

  • Milfs_mannor

    To be honest with you guys both consoles are just a waste of time i myself have 2 360's one in my bro's room and one in mine and i also have PS3 all consoles do these days is just alienate people and brainwash everyone into this imagination world i couldnt give a crap about these games consoles anymore i have much better things to do with my life than sit around gaping at a tv screen. what happened to the good old days where everyone used to go out side and piss about with there mates, game consoles bring out the worst in people wish they were never invented.

  • ryan

    In my opinion i think sony and microsoft should come together and make a play-box it would be awesome

  • Concerned

    First off. I have owned every major gameing system since the dawn of time. (Atari 2600) I own an XBOX 360, PS3 and other notables. PS3 outperforms XBOX in everyway. Game size and dinamics, from the Resolution (1080P HD) to the controller which is so much more user friendly… XBOX sucks a big bag of D**Ks with it's non-bluray supporting, combersum controller, $60 yearly overpriced network… The XBOX is yesterdays gameing system. It should soon go the way of other notable "X" brands. The XFL, Degeneration X (WWF), XM Radio, Malcom X …

    XBOX received the DLC earlier then PS3 because Activision designs the games on microsoft software, they could have waited to realease the XBOX DLC along with the PS3 DLC but the problem is, the PS3 version is not yet finished. Because it takes several weeks to work out the bugs transfering the game info to work on the PS3 OS from the microsoft software used to design the game. Thus, Microsoft XBOX recieves the exclussive early release of the COD Black Ops DLC before PS3. Microsoft is a Monopoly thats how the get the exclussives so often. The bastards!

  • Aubri

    It doesn't really bother me that First Strike came out for 360 first. I mean they had that deal or whatever. I just choose Ps3 because the controller is better for a gamer chick. And so me being a girl, the controls are easier to work with. Ha. But other then that I have played on my boyfriends 360. (I sucked) But the new zombie map is a beast. Confusing at first. But total beast. I can't wait for it to come out for Ps3! :))

  • Drew

    I the dlc coming out on wii

  • Drew

    What about the wii


    I bet half you guys that posted on here need to get outside more often.


    i wish ps3 and xbox players could play together that way if u have one thing ur friend has another you could still play against or along side eachother

  • gogopeeley2858

    they should be working on a wii first strike mappack

  • Titanius_

    Is the map pack latr on ps3 or earlier on x-box?? Because if it"s earlier on x box the ps3 users(like me) just got a nice preview

  • blackopsplayer111

    honestly as a ps3 player im furious about the fact xbox gets dlc's before us. i mean look they have 3 good franchises fable,halo,and cod if it hadent been for those, xbox would be useless. on the fact of pricing i literally think that it should be much lower for the fact that if xbox gets it first we should have it cheaper as a fairness ordeal to ps3 players having to wait.

  • Matthew Hosford

    Hi I am a proud PS3 and Xbox 360 owner. I prefer PS3 because of its multi uses, its very enjoyable and won't and really does have a lot of possibilities over all its a little more bang for you buck. Not saying it doesn't have some faults. I think the exclusivity for the Xbox is wrong. I hope its a one moth wait but I heard its two thats just not fair its marketing terrorism making people have to get the 360 to have the advantage over the other guys its lame.

  • Vandamme Dylan

    why they release it first for x-box360?
    why not release it for all consoles at same date?? and not let the ps3 users wait 1 month till they can have the maps?
    its just freaking stopid that the ps3 users need to wait 1 month till they get the maps

  • Name

    Why does XBOX get all this big better perks? PS3 and PC users should get it the same date. It's just simply unfair that other people get to experience these maps only at first and we get a longer wait. make it frickin' on the same date, Treyarch!

  • Dust 514

    I know that Dust 514 will be a cross platform FPS between Xbox and the Ps3 alongside the MMO players on the PC playing EvE Online that pay them like mercenaries to fight on various planets.

    Maybe there, some xbox vs. ps3 wars will be fought 😀

  • Gregg

    Why a freakin month? i wouldnt mind a few days or a week.. but a month?

  • ding

    fuck the 360 let them have this one cause it a shit system had both ps3 far better 360 dont even challenge it

  • greg

    i think treyarch only cares about ps3 cuz everything they make comes out for xbox 360

  • Angry PS3 Owner

    I think its bullshit. Why should they Get it first? i wouldnt mind if it was a few days or a week, But a month? now that just outragous! I am a PS3 owner and All Treyarc is doing is pissing Us PS3 and PC owners off. I honestly wouldnt mind if there was an actual reason behind this, and correct me if im wrong, but there is not. Fuck You Treyarc.

  • Jason

    I had the 360 until my second red ring of death came 2 weeks out of warranty. Talked to about 4 different people at XBOX about it and they wanted to charge me $125 to get it fixed!!! That's crap. I bought the PS3 instead and sold everything I had for XBOX. Is it our fault as the consumer that Microsoft can't maker a product that won't work for more than 2 years? I didn't think so, so for us users to have to pay excessively to get it repaired drove me towards PS3 and I love it, plus the Playstation Network is FREE., if they wanted to pay activision a ton of money just for a release early it would possibly mean users paying for the network. I'll take the free online in place of a month early map pack.

  • ignite_

    it seems as though people think it's somehow unfair or ridiculous that xbox live is getting the map pack first. I haven't really read a post on here that offers any good reasoning for that. I must say, I'm not surprised. Not only does Microsoft own the rights to sell the map pack first, they also charge their gamers to play online. What people seem to be forgetting is the fact that Ps3 gamers play for FREE online. XboX Live forked over the cash to obtain the rights for this release because they want to treat their gamers to the content first. That's perfectly reasonable…. I agree with those of you who say this game doesn't perform so well for the ps3; however, in defense of Sony: All online games are played online free of charge. Sony either maintains themselves, or pays other entities to maintain their gaming servers. This is super expensive to do and it is to be expected that problems will arise with servers that are maintained as minimally as acceptable to save on costs. That means it's going to be easier for people to develop mods and other cheats that are potentially dangerous to the system itself and use them in public games online. To Sony's credit, they have worked pretty hard to contain and deter modding and cheating and I can appreciate their efforts. The fact that the game freezes once in a great while or that matchmaking is sometimes glitchy is okay by me as long as I can play online for free.
    In defense of Microsoft: The online gaming experience with the xbox 360 is fantastic. It's fantastic because each gamer pays around 60 bucks a year to play online. This adds up to a boat load of cash that Microsoft can spend on maintaining and managing their servers, not to mention buying the rights to relase DLC first. The ability and willingness to do so means games run super smoothly and problems with online gaming are largely limited to interpersonal problems. Microsoft's gamers get what they pay for and there's no denying that.

    so yeah, ps3 is sometimes glitchy, but it's FREE…. xbox360 runs great with minimal problems, but you have to pay to play. It's all about personal preference. The game itself is fun no matter which system you play it on. Just be glad the developers care enough to put out a solid map pack at all. They could have half-assed it and sold "revamped" old maps and made a ton of money for very little work. We ps3 gamers have waited this long for a map pack. What's another month? No biggie in my opinion.

  • imsobeast


  • Harry

    Tbh i actually think it works to our advantage not getting them early because a majority of the major bugs will be fixed before we get them, also if they’re **** then we won’t be buying them 🙂 also the ps3’s exclusives this year will take a dump on the crapbox so it’s all good

  • guest

    The Xbox exclusivity is simply a marketing ploy. Microsoft has the money and power to get these type of exclusive deals, but as far as graphics go – PS3 is far better than Xbox. This is the "advantage" Microsoft was seeking when drawing up the exclusivity contract. It is to boost sales for their Xbox system. If you like stunningly smooth graphics and gameplay, buy a PS3. If you want map packs a month earlier, buy an Xbox. If Xbox did not have this deal, people would grow tired of paying for internet AND Xbox online, and finally realize they are being hosed by yet another mega-corporation.

    • Jim

      You Sir Just Boiddd off anyone who has an Xbox

      "If you want map packs a month earlier, buy an Xbox." – Haha but so true !

      PS3 is Free online, Sony know what there players want.

      Microsoft is a peace of shiteee

  • Killerpotato819

    i find this funny because people who try to think their console is better than someone elses are pretty pathetic and heres the funny part if someone who has a 360 or ps3 had the opposite console so they had a ps3 or 360 they would think their console is the best so you cant really stop the competition can you its a shame to all you people who argue ove nothing

  • nakedstar

    they never put GMT time's on. It's as if it is only Americans that pay for the maps its the 1st here already put we cant have them before the poohsa get a chance to play them

  • MAtt

    what time is it out for english time

  • activisionisbad

    The crapbox gets the dlc first, what a joke! Maybe you xbox players don't care, but put yourself in the shoes of the pc and ps3. Would you like it if ps3 and pc got the dlc a month before you did? We all know that you would complain too, and do not even try to deny it.

  • CaptainCooter

    xbox exclusivity is BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ac1dirty

    the only reason the 360 gets the map pack for call of duty black ops first, is because they have to pay for online….i have a ps3 and i think its fair that 360 gets it first but what i dont think is fair is why ps3 gets it too late….all consoles should get everything on same date…but thats my opinion..?but anyways i think the map packs r cool and im looking forward to getting it….?

  • tayrawr

    i really dont like how its $15, personally id rather just buy the zombie map thats it, like in rock band you can buy singles instead of the entire album. i dont know, i just dont think how the new map pack is really worth that much

  • DC22

    Anyone know if this is coming out at Midnight?

    • magic

      5 am eastern

      • chrissycomlex

        when will it be here english time ?

  • justin

    why is it that america has the new map pack before anyone else,why are they so special to have it first?why cant it come out on all platforms at the same time

  • mc hammer 40k

    in yo face ps3 and pc players ha we get it like before you or something like i dunno or something

  • street

    any one know what time it will come out ? at 12?

  • Devon

    Okay, i dont know about you guys, but the fact that it comes out for XBOX first pisses me off… personally, i'd like to be able to play it tomorrow… but i can't because im PS3. now, can anyone tell me what day the DLC will be available for PS3? ive looked everywhere and cant find it.

  • craig

    these is dumb x box gets it for a mouth while ps3 users have to wait yes im a grow ass man and could buy both xbox and ps3 but i hate the xbox alway have just makes we wont to trade in black ops im already bored but still play the game as im sure most of us do i geuss these is a perak of pay for online gameing when you already pay 60 to 80 bucks for the game in the frist place thats worth 1 3rd you paid for a mouth later so ill suck it up and wait for socom 4 lol

  • Adam
  • ben


  • nick

    hey im trying to find out tonight at midnight which actually means it will be tuesday feb 1st will downolad for new maps be available? because im staying up untill 12 turning my xbox off then on and if theirs no update i will cry

    • Adam

      People say it will be able 2 download at 6am GMT

  • Hosso

    does anyone know if its 12 worldwide ?

  • dan

    does anyone no if it comes out at differnet times as each country hits 12 oclock or an american world wide time???

  • Playstation 3

    I have all 4 systems so to be honest yes i can wait a month cause i play the ps3 more anywayz……..Lets go TWISTED METAL OOOOOOOOH YES

  • oh and the main reason ps3 is better is because its newer, which means its obviously gonna be better

  • i have an xbox and a ps3, here is my thoughts on them, xbox has worse graphics, is loud and when i play black ops, everyone with a headset gets angry when you beat them, why would you get angry? but i have to admit xbox is a good console, and the online is better because you pay for it, and personally i prefer the playstation exclusive titles more than the xbox exclusives, i love gran turismo, its better than forza, i bet someone replies saying xbox is better but i wont get anyone replying for ps3 because were the ones that are not super gamers

  • Some guy

    Don’t mean to sound like a cheap skate but $15 for just those maps sucks they should add more maps just me feeling a bit ripped off? Btw who cares what console is better but woo does suck lol.

  • Joe

    Fallout new Vegas is the best game ever. Enough said

  • ben

    Im fine with getting the Maps a month later than the Xbox. I mean sure they get it before us Ps3 and PC players do but they have to pay to play online, whereas we get free online multiplayer. So i guess its kind of fair