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Google Maps 5.0: Android Download Live – Video Preview

We have some good news for regular users of Google Maps on Android devices, as we can confirm that the latest version, 5.0 is now available to download from the Android market.

The new software was first demoed by Andy Rubin at All Things Digital, as he confirmed at the time that Google Maps 5.0 would be going live very soon.

Well that time has now approached and you’ll find an update to the new version in the Android market. The biggest features of 5.0 include 3D mapping, vector-based map designs and you can also store maps offline too, which is very handy.

Another feature which will be well appreciated by regular users, is the ability to route and navigate maps while offline, as you could only do this online in the previous version.

We understand that Google Maps 5.0 has been available for a few days now, so you should have had plenty of time to try out the new features for yourself. Are you happy with the new version, or is there something which you think Google could improve on?

We’ve included a brief video preview from Google for you to take a look at, courtesy of BGR. Watch it and let us know what you think of it. Do you prefer this new version of Google Maps or not? You’ll find a list of compatible devices here.



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