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FIFA 11: Comes to the Apple iPad

There have been lots of new apps released recently that we have reported on, these are Infinity Blade, Quickoffice, Battlefield Bad Company and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. Now we want to inform you about FIFA 11, which has been released onto the iPad.

EA have added FIFA 11 for the iPad to the app store, bringing one of the top selling soccer games to one of the top selling Apple devices. The game features real leagues, teams and players. It has HD graphics; capturing the world’s favorite sport with immense attention to detail. You may be wondering how you are expected to play FIFA without a controller. Well, don’t worry; you control your players by using an on screen D-Pad on one side, and shoot, pass and through are on the other. You can swipe a player to make him make a run.

The size of the game is 890.1 MB, so if you want to download FIFA then expect a lengthy download period. To download the game, head over to iTunes by clicking here. FIFA 11 will cost you £5.99 or $9.99. You can learn a little more about the game over at If you still aren’t convinced by our pictures and what we have told you about the game, then you can watch a demo of the game at the bottom of our article, courtesy of TheGameTrail.

Have you downloaded the FIFA 11 app? Let us know in the comments below.



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