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Verizon 4G LTE Android Smartphones: Release Date and CES 2011 Hint

Yesterday we revealed that Verizon Wireless would be showcasing some 4G LTE complaint devices at CES 2011, now we have even more CES 2011 news which pretty much confirms that some, if not all of these devices will run Android.

You can see the tweet below, as you can see it says that LTE and Android will meet at CES, which is in my opinion confirmation that we will see the first-ever 4G LTE Android smartphone at the show, perhaps even a tablet.

This tweet came from the official Verizon Wireless Twitter feed, therefore it is pretty trustworthy, as you can see it also suggests that these devices will hit the market in mid-2011.

If Apple choose to release an iPhone 5 in 2011 chances are it will arrive in late June / early July, therefore it could well mean that Verizon plan to combat an AT&T iPhone 5 release with an Android-based 4G LTE compliant smartphone (hence the mid-2011 release hint), I must say a 3G iPhone 5 vs. a 4G Android handset is a simple choice for me, however if AT&T roll out their 4G network in 2011 and release a 4G iPhone things could get interesting.

Currently we are unsure of which manufacturers are debuting 4G LTE smartphones at CES 2011, chances are HTC will have at least one device to show off, let’s face it they released the first ever 4G smartphone for Sprint’s network (the HTC EVO 4G), also Samsung have some 4G experience with their Epic 4G, however I’m sure Motorola will have something up their sleeves following impressive Verizon Wireless handsets such as the Droid, Droid 2, Droid X and Droid Pro.

So there you have it folks, it looks like we will see some Android-touting smartphones for Verizon’s 4G LTE network in under 3 weeks time at CES 2011, however in terms of release we are probably looking at May 2011 onwards.


  • Magic

    j. pert.. you're amazing.. i see you have finally mastered copy and paste on this groundbreaking news.. bravo!!

    • Jamie Pert

      Let's see if you have mastered copy and paste, find the source that I copied and paste the URL into the comments section below… I guarantee you will fail. Obviously the facts will be the same but the content will not be…


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