Samsung Nexus S: Gingerbread Rooted – Download and How-To Guide

By Alan Ng - Dec 17, 2010

While some of you may be surprised about this, we certainly are not. We can now confirm to you that the recently released Samsung Nexus S handset has had it’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread software successfully rooted.

As reported from RedmondPie, hackers have now managed to gain full access to the device, which now means that users will be able to endlessly modify the Nexus S with the ability to boot custom firmwares, overclock the CPU of the Nexus S and perform any other tweaks, either internal or related to the Gingerbread UI.

For example, if a developer decides that they wants to create a new boot animation for the Nexus S, the root access of the device will now enable him or her to do so – the possibilities really are endless.

The good news, is that a full tutorial on how to do it has already been posted online, courtesy of the XDA Developers Forums. Head to the link for full instructions.

What are your thoughts on the root, are you surprised it has come so early? How do you plan to customize your Nexus S?

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