PDP Tron: Limited Edition Legacy Xbox 360 Controller Photo and Details

By Jamie Pert - Dec 17, 2010

With the long-awaited TRON: Legacy now out in theatres, it was only a matter of time that we would get some fantastic new accessories with the TRON theme. This controller from PDP is officially licenced by Microsoft, and looks absolutely fantastic. It’s also limited edition too.

With only 250 made, getting your hands on one of these is going to be no easy feat. PDP have taken the futuristic-styled TRON theme and designed a controller with those same aspects.

The design is infact inspired by Clu, who plays the main antagonist in the latest TRON film. You definitely get that feeling from the orange lights embedded at the top and bottom, which also light up making those nights spent in a dark room all that more entertaining.

The controller costs $49.99 and should be available to pre-order in late December says the PDP website. But as we stated, only 250 of these have been manufactured so if you are an avid TRON fan, or just love the design, I would keep checking back on a regular basis to see if you can snap one up.

If you don’t manage to get one, you can always hope that the ones that were on show at E3 this year will come out even though we’re told that there are no plans for it.

Check out SlashGear for the different, yet similar design.

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  • The blue edition of the TRON controllers are available now (on Xbox 360, PS3 & Wii) and have been in retail stores since November. The orange edition was posted yesterday for pre-order on the PDP.com website and sold out within the day.