LG B Smartphone: Better Display than iPhone 4?

By Alan Ng - Dec 17, 2010

We have some exciting details to share with you now, as just hours after the official unveiling of the LG Optimus 2X (Star), it looks like the Korean giants have another juggernaut on the way, which has just been leaked for your pleasure.

According to the exclusive by Phandroid, this unannounced handset is codenamed the LG ‘B’ and is looking to be one of their flagship handsets next year.

Phandroid has obtained the first images of the device, and the biggest features are said to be the very impressive-looking display screen, and also the thin dimensions of the device.

How impressive is the screen you ask? Well, how would you feel if we told you that based on these pictures, the screen is looking better than the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S? – The two handsets with the best displays on the market at the moment.

Furthermore, another picture gives us an idea how slim the device really is. Apple has touted the thin dimensions of their iPhone 4, but again, the LG B boasts a much thinner display, and much more stylish you have to say.

According to a provided chart, the LG B has 200 more brightness nit than the iPhone 4’s Retina Display, and a whopping 400 more nit than the AMOLED-based Samsung Galaxy S. It’s pretty exciting stuff you have to agree, hopefully we’ll hear about some hardware specs soon.

(iPhone 4 – Left, LG B – Middle, Samsung Galaxy S – Right)

What are your immediate thoughts on the handset? The Retina Display on the iPhone 4 has set the bar high for other smartphones to follow, but it looks like LG has more than stepped up to the plate. Could this be a contender for your next handset in 2011?

Take a look at the photos over at Phandroid.

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  • Dale

    Ummmmm. They have been saying that every new smartphone will beat iPhone 4 and guess what? It hasn’t happened and by the time it does, a better iPhone will be released that is the best…again. And, Manuel, the iPhone has been freed. It’s called “jailbreaking” and with the addition of the jailbreak, the iPhone 4 is not just the best smartphone in the world, it’s the most incredible handheld device civilization has ever known to date. I am not an apple fanboy, if I was my iPhone 4 would not be jailbroken. I just know the best when I see it and then I get it. Sorry if you are jealous but your droid sucks.

    • ILoveAppleFanbois

      Thats a typical mactard reply, brainwashed with the ios interface. You paid more for an item just to show everyone you can pay for an overpriced toy. All the other mactards are getting it, so you better not miss out on that bandwagon.

      Goes to show what kind of idiots buy apple products…

  • Maz

    I would still go for iPhone

  • manuel jimenez

    lol, iphone just keeps losing its status in the smartphone world. Apple just has to learn that people one day are going to move on while they stay back in the past. Free the iphone and apple i promise that a large amount of your followers per say, will return. Not really but you guys can try.