Google Shows Off New WebGL Technology With Human Body Browser

By Jamie Pert - Dec 17, 2010

Just when you thought Google couldn’t possibly do any more, they go and show off a new web based technology called WebGL with an interactive, detailed, browsable human body.

Body Browser lets the user take a look at the human body in detail. You can examine every single body part you wish in an informative manner by using the slider to go through different layers of the human body, or just by clicking organs and alike.

One good feature this comes with is that you can explore any part of the anatomy, and then when you have found the exact body part, you can copy and paste the link to someone else to show them exactly what you were looking at. Handy if you are trying to give out information about something specific to the human body.

WebGL intends to be the new graphics standard, and is only available in the beta version’s of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox right now.

Go ahead and check it out for yourself, it’s really informative and at the same time, entertaining. Fox News has more on the story.

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