Fallout: New Vegas DLC: Dead Money Trailer and Release Date

By Jamie Pert - Dec 17, 2010

Want some fresh new content for Fallout: New Vegas? If so, we have some great news for you, new downloadable content will hit Xbox Live next week, this add-on is called Dead Money.

This Xbox 360 exclusive is the first lot of DLC we have seen since New Vegas’ release back in October this year, it will hit Xbox Live on December 21 and will cost 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

We have embedded the trailer at the end of this post, it explains that you must work alongside three others to break into the Sierra Madre Casino vault, however if one of you dies, you all die. According to Wikipedia the DLC also raises the level cap to 35 and adds new achievements, decisions for the player, enemies, perks and terrain.

Currently there are no known plans to bring this DLC to the PS3 or PC versions of New Vegas, therefore we will have to keep you posted as we find out more, Fallout 3 saw five DLC releases, therefore I am sure Bethesda have similar plans for their latest addition to the Fallout series.

Will you buy the Dead Money DLC?

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  • AxelGrimm

    there should be a new generation of a FISTO robot

  • Adamska

    Obviously Microsoft bought it out first because they want more people to buy an xbox to play the DLC. I mean honestly, is there any other reason console companies do this? It's a huge asshole move on behalf of Bethesda; selling out to Microsoft at the drop of a hat like that.

    • Seger

      Yes it is retarded that they do this but, Bethesda is probably low on funds and if they don't do this with their dlc some of their in development games might get cancelled or the release dates for said games might get moved ahead a few years. Eventually the dlc will get ported to the pc. Yes it is unfair and it is kind of a retarded strategy on Microsofts part
      1. None in their right minds would actually buy a console to play 1 dlc
      2. None in their right mind will buy FNV again for the xbox after they already bought it for the pc or ps3
      3. So the only thing they are doing is funding Bethesda, Alienating their pc users, pissing people off and making sony fanboys hate them more. A.k.a Microsoft is fucking itself right now

  • kai

    xbox is crap the pc is well better so bring it out for pc

  • Joker

    retards stop bitching and whining you know they will at least bring it out on pc and after that ps3

    • kai

      we are not whineing we are just pointing out that xbox is shite

  • cory

    This is crap…everyone one is saying you should get and xbox so you can get this DLC i have PC and XBOX but the only reason i bought FNV for the PC is because its so much better it can be modded the graphics are better with a great gfx card the only reason people buy an xbox/ps3 is because they cant afford to buy a decent PC or gfx cards PC FTW!!!!!!!!!

    • Cory is a faggot

      My ps3 makes a great dvd player faggot

  • Kai

    Ffs stupid xbox always getting first pick cos they spend all their money on dlcs whilst ps3 and xbox have to wait cos they don’t pay for them straight away cos they’re too busy being better than xbox

  • Joe

    they better release it for PC or i will never buy any of their products again

    • Shadow

      No offence but i dont think they care. one consumer doesnt make any difference

  • Myles

    I wish Sony would step up and fight back i bet MS is doing this just to piss everyone off that doesn't have a 360 hell they just screwed over their PC users I think Sony should buy the rest of theDLCs or Obsidian is gonna have to make them avalable to everyone.

  • Joke

    This sux but it will come out for us pc users eventually just like the fallout 3 dlc

  • qwertyuiop

    XBOX sucks I cant freakin believe this crap. Man these game companies are pissin me off lately

    • Frankie Hazard

      listen at lease u pc guys have all the good starwars games cant we have somethin u cant for just once stop cryin

      • Sebastian

        No you can't, you should just stop being retarded and drop the Poor Boys machine and get a computer.. Hell if you're good you can get a decent gaming PC for less than $500… And don't start whining about how the Xbox360 is what… 299 now? A computer can generate FAR better graphics, and runs faster, smoother, and will always be better than the Xbox.

        • Shadow

          That would be an example of an oppinion.

    • gilly

      PS3 rules

      • jasper


  • dylanlan

    PC version is better mods, better loading times, and mods

  • kanemack

    sorry little buddy should have bought a xbox

    • Fediken

      why buy an xbox all they are is a computer that sucks

    • ???

      is it coming out on disk for x box cos i dont have live?

    • josh

      the processors for wii, ps3 and xbox360 were all designed by IBM, they are all the same old von neumann architecture, its just a gimmick to get twice to three times as much money. however there are some differences, quality of parts, in which the xbox looses/freezes because of last minute stripped down cooling and sheer lack of a blue ray player and a built-in wifi adaptor.

      The exclusive was subsidized by microsoft, its not supposed to make money directly but make people buy xbox's, and ps3 will do the same tomorrow, then wii and full circle. so, really you saying im not supposed to have one console but have to buy all 3? no dice, a waste of money that would be better off in a crack pipe to a deserving hobo

  • The Road Warrior

    are you kidding me? no plans for PC dlc? wtf?

    • Lorenzo

      I know, it started on PC. wtf?