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Super Talent’s 3.0 USB External HDD – 500GB for $99

Super Talent seems to be producing some really high quality goods, including the DDR3 RAM being optimized for Intel’s P55 platform. We also brought you some details about the UltraDrive ME / LE SSDs with their prices.

Now Super Talent brings us a USB 3.0 external hard drive but don’t be worried, it is backwards compatible to 2.0 making it future proof. This is great because whilst USB 2.0 is current you can use the new external HDD, but then when 3.0 take the driving seat you can carry on using it. The only difference you will see is that it just gets quicker with USB 3.0 as the analyst says in the video at the bottom of the article.

The analyst goes on to give a few details about the difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. Apart from having different shaped connections, he says that USB 3.0 has 3 times the power of USB 2.0 and 10 times the bandwidth.

When the storage pod is being used with USB 3.0 it will go as fast as it would on the SATA bus which is astounding for an external device. There are no drivers to install and no power adapters. Can this now be considered as an expansion for your PC?

You can view the press release for the product by clicking here. According to Darren Murphy at Engadget you will be able to pick one of these up next month priced at $99.

Will you be treating yourself to a belated Christmas present? Let me know your thoughts on the product in the comments below.



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