iTunes 10.1.1 Update Causes More Problems for Apple Users

By Tina Chubb - Dec 16, 2010

Apple released an update to its iTunes software on Wednesday, which was meant to fix certain issues that customers had been reporting ever since downloading iTunes 10.1. However, rather than fix the problems, the 10.1.1 update has created other issues for Apple users.

According to a recent article over at, some users have reported that the latest 10.1.1 update is actually causing iTunes to crash, leaving them unable to open or use the application. Users have been taking to the Apple Support discussion forum, to report the issues.

Some users said that after they upgraded to iTunes 10.1.1, they received a Problem Report saying: “iTunes cannot be opened because of a problem.” Users are then told to check with the developer to make sure that iTunes works with their version of Mac OS X.

However, it appears that some Apple customers were able to sort out the crashing problem, by downloading iTunes directly from the Apple website rather than via a Software Update. Others reported that they couldn’t even download and install the update via Software Update.

You can download the latest 10.1.1 iTunes update via Have you been experiencing any problems since downloading the update?

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  • Rib

    Your an idiot? What? Contractions too complicated for you? You are an idiot.

    • swamp

      shut up rib you retard

  • maria

    cant update 10.1, why couldnt they just keep it the way it was! my sisters ipod touch worked fine with the old itunes now mine keeps saying theres a problem etc. this is soo annoying and aggravating!!

  • mandy

    also unable to use x-mas gift because all the above mentioned problems are also happening to me. any idea when this software will be fixed

  • Doris

    Downloaded 10 . unable to locate new itouch via usb and unable to locate older itouch. Don't want to loose thecontents of my library. Any advice?

  • peter

    lost all music..33 albums after update. its even removed my back up files.!! Apple support are waste of time… i wont be using this application again.

  • :-(

    it wont even let me update, because "it does not have a valid digital signature".

  • Idiot^

    Your an idiot. It takes time to fix software problems. They don't just click a button and make everything better.

  • se

    After 3 unsuccessful attempts in 90 minutes to update to ipod software 4.2, itunes 10.1.1 crashed and I received a Problem Report saying: “iTunes cannot be opened because of a problem. Had to download iTunes repair directly from the Apple website. Still trying to download ipod 4.2 and is it slooooooow. With all the billions of dollars apple makes, I’d think they would treat their customers better than this. But then with all the money Steve Jobs has made, he’s laughing all the way to the bank.