MobileTV App: Watch TV on Your iPhone

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 16, 2010

With technology moving forward times are changing, we are utilizing the fact that we can have an app for just about anything. Recently we have spoken to you about an Extreme Weather Conditions app, which is really useful. We have also spoken to you about one called Quickoffice for the Apple iPad which will allow you to use Microsoft Office applications on Apple hardware.

Now we are informing you that you can now watch TV on your iPhone using an app. It’s appropriately named MobileTV. It only works over a WiFi network but you can watch quite a lot of different channels, in fact more than 20.

You can watch the likes of Sky News, Discovery, CNN, ABC and Animal Planet and many more, the app costs £0.59 for UK users or $0.99 for those of you in the US. If you are now thinking that’s a bargain, then you can head over to Apple’s iTunes by clicking here to read the preview and then if you wish download it. Alternatively you can head over to and read more about what other channels you can watch by clicking here. If you have downloaded the application onto your iPhone and are looking for more from JJACR Apps then you can visit their blog page here.

Have you downloaded mobileTV already? What do you think of it and is it worth 59p? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • fettman24

    Hey everybody my name is Fabian. I was lucky enough to play with the Sling app that's offered for free through DISH Network which is where I work. I am able to watch live TV using my iPhone as well as my entire DVR library. The picture is great and in high definition. Love the app and highly recommend it!

  • voodoo

    total crap its just all vidoes not live, nothing u cant watch on the net crappppppppppppp