CoD Black Ops: Xbox 360 Patch 1.04 – Full List of Changes

By Jamie Pert - Dec 15, 2010

If you are an avid Black Ops gamer and own an Xbox 360 you will have noticed a new title update which hit Xbox Live yesterday, now we have a full list of the changes this update brings.

You can see a full list of all of the changes here, in this article I will talk about some of the changes which impress me the most, however check out the link above for the full breakdown.

Firstly I will talk about gameplay changes, now Hardline Pro will only be able to re-roll Care Packages, prior to this Hardline Pro users could re-roll Sentry Guns and SAM Turrets, we spoke about this here.

According to Treyarch it seems as if spawning should be greatly improved, I must admit I have not noticed much difference myself (especially on Nuketown), however I have only played Black Ops for a couple of hours since the update.

If you are a Ninja Pro user you should notice some sound mix improvements, if you are a Sniper you should see slightly improved accuracy, increased headshot multipliers and also if you equip your sniper with a silence you headshots will always be one-shot kills.

Two other gameplay changes should be extremely popular, the red diamond player indicators which show up when using the Chopper Gunner, Valkyrie Rocket and Gunship will take longer to display when a player spawns, which should mean that players get killed less by these killstreak rewards, also if you hate getting stabbed you will be glad to hear that knife lunge range has been slightly reduced.

The rest of the changes either relate to connectivity or rarely occurring issues, such as spawning outside a map, Valkyrie rocket exploding upon release and people being able to keep their killstreaks and classes after prestiging.

As previously stated it is worth checking out the official Black Ops forum post for a full breakdown, which change are you most happy with?

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  • George

    how do i download this patch?

  • Unknown Warrior

    they need to fix the weapons, cuz if im already hitting u with the M60 how in the world do u go through my hail of gun fire to ether knife me are kill me with a sub compact machine gun. I should drop u with a couple shots 2-3 bullets at the most not a half or more clips. Not to mention the M60 when it fires not all of the hit markers count out of 20 rounds maybe 5-6 actually count. B.S. 7.62 round would drop a person in 0ne hit. The weapons on this game are seriously un-balanced. And why cant we put silencers on all weapons they make them for all kinds ???

  • xXbadjbXx

    When I'm playing live in Training are the other players real players or are they computer controlled players??

  • andrew42

    how do i update black ops without xbox live

  • andrew42

    what patch do i need to get bots on multiplayer

  • ZaCh

    it said i need to update but can not find the update

  • Tony

    My game keeps crashing becuase of the last update when is that gonna b fixed? It wont get passed the main menu with out freezing