COD Black Ops: Major Connection Problems – Treyarch to Blame?

By Alan Ng - Dec 15, 2010

We were afraid that this might happen, but it looks like the latest patch update for Call of Duty Black Ops on the PS3 has actually caused more harm than good this time around, as we’re hearing countless reports of players being thrown out of games.

Firstly, just take a look at our initial report if you don’t believe us. We told you the exact moment patch v1.04 went live on the PS3, and then shortly afterwards, we were unexpectedly bombarded with message upon message about how frequently players were getting kicked out of matches for no reason.

We’ve picked out a few comments for you to read below:

From Ben: ”In my experience, it has gotten worse. i am trying to connect to a game since 10 minutes, and every session i join either gets closed, host leaves or whatever. seriously, it went from annoying to unplayable for me”

From Daniel: ”Firstly, give them their due for listening to us gamers and TRYING to fix the problems but it just didn’t work, after installing the update 3 of out my first 4 match’s were ended early due to connection error (I’ve not had to reset PS3 yet today but only been on for an hour so) unlike a couple of days ago when it was 5-6 times in the space of 4 hrs.”

From Sly: ”It’s WWWAAYYYYY worse since i have installed the patch 1.04. 9 times out of 10 i’m kicked out after 1 minute of play with a transmission error. I can’t believe this has been tested before beeing relase. PATHETIC.”

With that said and done, we needed to test out the problems for ourselves. 180+ complaints speak for themselves, but we also saw the problems first hand too. First game, started with a host migration after 10 seconds, the game didn’t switch host. Second game, same thing happened again – but instead of not switching host, the game actually froze and required a hard restart of the PS3 console.

It’s not ideal is it guys? Especially when Treyarch continue to shift the blame to the user by saying it is a router problem and not a fault of their own. Take this latest Tweet by Community Manager Josh Olin for example when replying to a user complaining about lag in the game.

”That means your Router has a strict NAT, causing your lag. It’s not the game.”

Surely its not down to the router every time someone gets kicked out of a game? Hopefully we’ll get a word from Treyarch regarding this, as it’s a worrying sight seeing the sheer amount of people who are affected by this.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you still having connection problems with the game or not?

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  • Josh

    Black Ops has always had it's issues with connectivity and being able to get into matches that don't actually end within 5 seconds of joining it.

    But lately, the issue that's been occurring, at least for myself, is being able to join actual matches. I have absolutely no problem with connecting to Xbox Live, but when I go to join something such as Core > Ground War, or Excalation > TDM, I am connected to Xbox Live, so it say's "Waiting for 6 more players…" and "Testing matches 98.9% 32/50 good games". Then, rather then attempt to join any of those "32/50 good games" it skips over that, goes back to "Waiting for 6 more players…" and then does the testing matches bit again, and then from there goes back to "Waiting for 6 more players…" and sits there for ~20 minutes before I give up and try to restart the process.

    I have submitted a question on the Activision Website regarding this issue, and currently am waiting for it to upload to their site. I made sure to also include a video file of my TV screen displaying the issue as well, so that Activision/Treyarch can't turn it back on me and say that its due to my router and TCP/UDP settings.

    I have also tried restarting my xbox, testing my network connection, and even clearing the system cache, but still, nothing has changed with this problem.

    Unless I have missed something, I am going to have to say that this is in fact NOT user error, but in fact something on their end that is causing this problem.

  • Dee

    Black ops has left me bitter and I will Never purchase another game from this company again………F___Y__Ps3 and Treyarch……..Hope you burn in hell!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    Black ops isn't even fun anyone with all horrible patches and connection problems, I am going back to Halo. Halo patches aleast work.

  • jaymzbee

    since the map pack black ops is barely playable for me. thinking of uninstalling the update. and the sly buggers make it almost impossible to contact them about the problem. provide a patch now… or gimme my money back guys!

  • dizzykiller3

    hi i play xbox360 and im really pissed off with the new zombie maps as me and my mates keep getting the same reason why we cant get passed level 30 without getting told E respawn error i dnt even know what this is but its happ 5 times now and we were haveing no problem and we were rapeing the game i just disagree if it someone watching on there sever watching us destroy there game they love so much plz fix it or ill give up playing these games

  • Shep

    I'm having constant connection problems on PS3, and all instances seem to follow the same pattern: I get a 'Connection Interrupted' warning on the screen, the game tries to migrate hosts, gets thrown back to the lobby, and within seconds I get booted out of the lobby, too. It's now happening I would say at least 30-40% of the time I try to play.

  • Syphon73

    The biggest problem I am noticing is when any of my friends invite me to their lobby I will try to join them 3 or 4 times and it keeps say " Player no longer in a joinable session" or something like that even no I still see them in the lobby and their still trying to invite me usually the only way I can get past this is to quit the game completely and go back to the PS3 home screen then go back to the game and thenI can usually join them but it is annoying also sometime I can't hear any of my friends talking in the lobby accept the lobby leader then I will have to back out of the lobby then rejoin the lobby before I can start hearing them again. Another thing that makes me mad is I like playing with glitches in zombies and I noticed on the last update they fixed the zombie glitch instead of paying attention to fixing the online multi player problems. LEAVE THE ZOMBIE MAPS ALONE, If people don't want to play with glitches then they don't have to no biggy.

  • Jason

    Yes, it is just as bad on XBOX for those who are wondering. I have had this game since November and still can't play Free for All, TDM and other game types online. Every once in a while I can get into CTF. I can connect to all of my other games online so I refuse to jump through hoops to get this game to work, Treyarch just robbed me of 60 bucks is the way I see it. I tried to email their tech support for help and got no response.

  • HARPIS-88

    Its always the consumers fault… Ive boycotted crap ops and am returning to MW2 which funnily enough has no connection issues, my ps3 dont crash and im able to get in a game with my nxt door neighbour, which funnily enough i can do on any other game i own, Treyarch suck bigtime, they need to ring up infinity ward and beg for help cos this game is a big fail in my eyes bring on MW3 infinity ward rule !!!

  • joe

    trynarc blaming our routers is a joke i have fibre optic broadband and is runnig 50 meg ive ive never had connections problems but on black ops its a constant nightmare SORT IT OUT

  • Ben

    I'm over it. I have tried everything on PS3 and it ain't working. Does anyone know if this problem is as frequent on Xbox?

  • Lee

    Naughty dog and unchartered 3 is the way forward. All we have to do now is wait 11 months!! Treyarch can suck my fat one.

  • MEe

    I cant understand why they didn't figure this out before they released the game. They know how many people are playing black ops, and still they manage to f*ck it up. Infinity ward gets it right the first time why cant these guys get this sh*t fixed.

  • David

    I am having the same problems. Does anyone know if you can return the game? I know a lot of stores will say no since is opened.

  • Michael Allen

    People, stop playing black ops for awhile. Reason?? Every time your PS3 system freezes it'll crash. And no more gaming for you. I played the damned game for over a month. My PS3 couldn't play it anymore. This happens to because you have to reboot your system everytime. Causing your laser to take damage and can't read anything. A friend of mine had the same problem too. Because of black ops. This problem with connection issues isn't gonna stop anytime soon. You guys know this. Even baby jesus knows this. The smartest thing we all can do is play something else and let this game collect dust. I rather play Battlefield bad company 2 all day without stats updates…

  • alexhabs73

    Me I have it on the pc since today and I tried 10+ times and it never worked ! Connection to the host lost and blah blah blah. And I have some laggin issues on the SP Mode when my computer is able to run it !!!! F*** OFFF !!! Treyarch are f***ers ! Please infinityward , COME BACKKKKK ! 🙁

  • Michael

    On the PC side after the patch sure it removed the lag but now people like me with slower net connections cant get a game its takes arounds 2 mins to load then kicks us because we cant connect in time Hurry and patch this.

  • Den

    it freezes even when im not online, pathetic, every other game i own doesnt do it. just you sit there smiling eating ice in your underwear treyarch, using our money as spoons

  • Den

    atleast you lot get to play it, this is the third time i have got the game, and it still doesnt get pastthe loading screen, i have no problems with any other game, just this one, for a gamed that makes soo muchmoney, you would think they would put some effort into actually making the bloody thing work, i loved the other call of duties, this one is just soo frustrating, whats the point!!!!!!!!!! treyarch this is the last time. not buying anything these lot are connected to, wasting money having "real actors" doing the voices and spending loads working out the plot, get a grip, all we need is guns and action and a multiplayer that works! R.I.P

  • Alex

    Exact problems onto the 360 as well. Treyarch, i will never buy anything you sell again. 60 dollars is a lot of money, and MORE than half of the games i play i end up lagging out. Any other game, MW2, Forza 3, GTA and so on, i have perfect games.

  • mw2 fanboy

    i luving my black ops expeirence, idk what u all are complaining about. This game is so good it only lags out like every other time and sometimes i can almost get through a game. Treyarch is brilliant, they should keep making cod games forever i will be sure to check them out next year too. message me, my psn is XxTreyarchcansukmyballsxX.

  • Nerds

    i have to agree guys its the game , ive replaced by modem after alot of hassle with my provider and im only having problems with black ops and no other game exactly all the same problems you've mentioned i hope the sort the problem soon else i want a bloody refund grrrrr

  • WOOF

    I have a xbox and you PS3 users arent alone i get a Error message every 3 minutes sayin Call of Duty Black Ops Servers are not available I told my friend this game will suck @$$ wannna know why Because its fuckin treyarch they made fuckin spiderman games last time i checked and now they are trusted with the COD series seriously Activision choke on one you greedy sluts.

  • Bristolian1985

    what a great big pile of steaming horse shit this game has turnt out to be . £60 down and cant even play black ops online cus i keep getting kicked out . dont know much bout computer blah , blah but i do know that aint my f*****g fault . one day it worked next day it didnt . treyarch , pull ur f*****g finger out and get it sorted ,……. NOW !

  • xzoozoox

    I'm really starting to get pissed off at all of the failed host migrations and times that I've lost connection to the host. I only get to play online for a few hours a day, usually 2 or 3, and in the last week, I've tried to get into matches every day, and I've only COMPLETED about ten to fifteen games without an error. I've got all four bars of connection and little to no lag, but four out of five games started ends in a loss of connection to host or a failed migration. Its bullcrap, and I want it fixed!! I DEMAND DEDICATED SERVERS!!!

  • Luke

    Well I went to take my copy back to the store, but apparently the manager had migrated so the guy behind the counter tried to call head office and got disconnected… At least I know why its called Black Ops now though, cos it keeps making my screen flash black every now and again, its the only game that causes this to happen. Congratulations Treyarch for making a bad game worse!!! You bunch of robbing @$$oles!!!!!!

  • lance

    RETURN THEM ALL EVERYONE, CALL YOUR LOCAL GAMESTOP and COMPLAIN!!! You will flood their system which will force them to take action with Activision. Funny thing is everyone is blaming trearch, but as I remember COD MW2 had simliar problems with kicking and migratng, but this is way worse. ACtivision is responsible for this, they knew this was gonna happen. They did test this, and knew that it didnt matter, people love this game, and we are too stupid to not buy it. They built BO on the same engine as Mw2, but they never fixed connection issues, how stupid are they? We have to send a message. BRING YOUR GAME BACK or call your distributer and threaten to return it.

  • Trindas

    It's been terrible. I have played for 10 min then I have received a "lost connection" warning.

  • lewis

    sooooooooooooo tired of connection problems , wasted 60bucks on this crap was expecting to be one bad*** game very dissapointed



  • Black ops should be called crap ops

  • I’m having the same problem and it’s not just ps3 I’ve got an xbox and it’s just as bad for us getting kicked out of games cause your the highest score in the lobby it’s so nippy now

  • And as for emptying a hole clip to get a kill and that’s on hardcore witch usually only takes one bullet on mw2 get it sorted or bring bk infinity ward

  • Luke

    Today I have decided to return my copy of Black Ops to HMV. I am absolutely sick of the connection issues, not to mention the constant getting killed by people I have sunk a whole magazine into, lobbed a grenade at and tried to knife. I think in the very least Treyarch should offer FREE map packs and lots of double XP weekends or double XP all the time to make up for the loss of points due to games ending for no bloody reason. I will absolutely NEVER buy another Treyarch game and possibly no more COD games either. £40 for a pile of crap, I would be better off burning my money….

  • Codders

    Im currently trying to play but its seriously starting to grip my ****. every time i actually get into a game its the same message "connection interrupted" or "Host migrating" or just kickes you out and says "Game lobby closed" treyarch sort yourselves out, the game once you actually get a game that is is good, but im so annoyed with it now its gonna get trown out the window !! stop blaming other people its your problem sort it out. i give the game 0 out 5 for online play treyarch thanks for f*****g things up for everyone !

  • oz7mgs

    Same problem here. I paid a well respected amount of money and I am not getting anything in return. Don't know what is wrong and don't actually care. All I know is that MW2 works sound in contrast to Black Ops. Get it to work lads.

  • Josh

    I think Treyarch needs to get thier act together and stop putting the blame on the user. Obviously if you have thousands of people complaining about the same issue, then it's not the user. I have triple-checked my settings on my router and on my PS3. Guess what, I still have issues joining certain friends and we finally link up and get into a match after 10 minutes of trying, we get booted and have to start the process over again. I believe that if the issue is not corrected soon, we should return the game back to location that we got it from to send a message that we are not going to support a company that can not accept responsibilty for thier faults and correct them in a timely manner. They should be ashamed of themselves to put out piss-poor quality material like this one!

  • richy g

    The whole games a joke not just connection issues, spawning killstreaks and perks all useless not playing anymore it makes me want to smash my ps3 up!!!!

  • Tim

    It is sad !!!! The truth is that the problems are deeper than just connecting to the game . Its the whole game ,mad glitches and not the good kind lol . teammates turning into enemy's right in front of you, head shots that require you to unload a whole clip just to get the kill!!!! And sometimes they still kill ya lol,give me a break. re-spawning right in front of enemy's . Its a lot of crap for a new game that's suppose to be such a block buster of the year ,at this point its just busted my wallet and spirit for the game! This isn't about Treyarch or Infinity Ward , bottom line is they sold ps3 users crap and thought they could update their way out of it . And then they looked at its consumers as if we were all stupid ,giving us the run around with our routers and broadband service .I say give us all 30 bucks back and then update their way out of it ,,,,because the game wasn't worth 64. bucks at all….

  • Dude

    Developers do not even test games anymore…let alone patches.

  • I’m absolutely disgusted with the new update! Treyarch I hated after WOrld at War, new I really can’t standem. If it waasnt for the name call of duty I would never buy Treyarch. Fix this patch so we can play, don’t blame our modems or routers when they work fine on all other games accept Black Ops!! Cmon get with it!!

  • Luke

    Treyarch should be ashamed of this farce they call a game!!!! Other games use dedicated servers which really is what is needed here, p2p is just too naff!!! You simply cannot rely on people connecting to one anothers routers. I think Treyarch should either sort some dedicated servers or refund everyone their money. When I first started playing the game I was blown away by the visuals and depth, it wasn't long before I grew to hate it. I have got to prestige level 4, but if the servers had worked properly I would have been 15th by now.

  • Nicomedes_Alonso_III

    My son and I have been enjoying playing "FIVE" (Zombies) for several weeks, however after the patch that was forced upon us yesterday was installed, we were unable to play even one good game. Just getting a match was difficult and time consuming. The few (3) matches we were able to get into after trying for about 45 minutes had many annoying glitches and ultimately ended with frozen screens after just a few levels. We both gave up in disgust. This experience will weigh heavily on my mind should I consider purchasing any other games for him in the future. I play games with my children in order to relax and have fun, not to increase our feelings of frustration.

  • Dan

    It's odd that Treyarch is singling out user router NAT settings as the problem. Prior to the December 14, 2010 patch, disconnection issues were relatively frequent, but manageable. Now, I have charted no less than 75% match disconnection rates in the last 48 hours. Oddly, the game now tells me that my router has a strict or moderate NAT setting. The setting is Type 2, as it always has been. It is NOT too strcit for online gaming, as all other online games I play encounter no such issues. I believe the new patch may actually be "fooling" the servers into thinking the players' NAT settings are stricter than they are. Well, either way, Activision has a lot more work to do to keep people from mass returning this game for their money back.

  • Jason

    I m having the same problem. It is definetely the game.

    What a shame, I will not buy a Treyarch again. They can lick it…

  • ryan

    this never happen to me but all that is happen is i cant join a freinds party easy it takes like 10 times or less to join the party i think its my ps3 because i fix it 10 times like or more it could be any thing that kicking people out of the lobby.

  • Johnnyb

    it would appear that there is a larger problem here. I dont think a patch can fix this. I have a NAT type 2 and it says "OPEN" so its not my router. The patch has definatly made things worse although I can now connect to friends, but this is short lived as you can guarantee that the game will close shortly after. Do they not test these patches before they release them?

  • Vincent-Vega1223

    I think its funny how its my router becasue I put in MW2 and I ahve perfect connection, Yet I play Black ops and I am lucky to get past the lobby. Stop making excuse may start calling you infinity ward. Higest grossing game of all time and yet your to cheap to put out a patch that address the with the product that made you all that money.