COD Black Ops: PS3 Patch Update 1.04 is Live – Any Problems?

By Alan Ng - Dec 14, 2010

We have some good news to share with you now, as we can confirm that the highly anticipated v1.04 patch update for Call of Duty Black Ops, is now live on the PlayStation 3. We want to know your feedback after installing.

As we told you previously, the change log for the latest update is pretty long, and it looks like some of the major problems in the game will finally be fixed up on the PlayStation 3.

We’ve just download the update and it didn’t take long at all – we’ll be posting up our feedback on whether the problems have been fixed up in a short while. We’re hoping that the matchmaking has been sorted out as it was becoming a constant pain being kicked out of lobbies for no reason, especially with the frequent ‘tranmission errors’ that do their best to really make you angry.

Treyarch has also said that they have fixed up the exploit that players were using to keep killstreaks and custom classes even though they had prestiged, so let us know if this particular fix has been implemented successfully in v1.04 or not.

Interestingly, Treyarch has also added an additional security measure to the game, one which is said to ”enhance detection and banning capabilities” – what are your ideas behind this?

The update is available to download the next time you boot up the game. If you are still suffering from any connection problems, previous issues which havent been fixed, or indeed brand new problems since installing 1.04 – leave us a message in our comments section.

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  • Jamesfier123

    PASS THIS AROUND!Shouldn’t Treyarch release a game called, Call Of Duty Zombies? Imagine, Nacht Der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, Der Riese, Kino, Five, DOA, Asension, COTD, Shangri La, the last map pack, and an additional 5, 10 or even 15 maps, with a campaign and it’s for every console? If you think that would be AWESOME, copy and paste this to every zombies video and thumbs up, if you all support this, it could become an actual game!Started by : SuperMonkeyAssassin
    TheSkandal33 1 month ago 4 ReplySeriously treyarch seriously

  • random

    when you play a multiplayer match and set the kill streaks then when you start to play player 2,3,and 4 can not get any killstreaks also if they make a class the it will not save

  • Joe

    I really wish they would patch the random pump that the stakeout seems to do in the most inconvenient times. It happens normally whenever you're just getting ready to shoot someone after a sprint, or immediately following the first shot you take. It does the pump as though you just switched to it from a secondary weapon (I'm not talking about the pump after a shot that a normal shotgun would do). This has cost me contracts, games, and other crap! Please fix!!

  • jorad

    few minor issues not copnnecting and not laoding or just plain getting kicked out for no reason,also i got the update like a few days ago,and now when i down someone…i get the kill team or enemy, but if i shoot someone else who is down like the enemy..who ever put them there gets the kill and i get nothing, i think i should get the kill and the other person a good assist bonus or something it's not stealing a kill it's helpin the team out and i dont think that if people got a good bonus for putting someone else down and not killing them themselves and letting someone else get the kill,not sayin add like a thousand points but like 75 maybe, and the spawns are a lil rediculous sometimes, like ill be in behind the enemy as they spawn…once again i have nooo problem with that but other people might so just thinking for some people i know who play cod

  • Mohammed

    hahahahahaha I have xbox you guys have pl3 I told my friend thAT PL3 IS SUCKISH AND XBOX ROCKZ. Hahaha never mind I got to go and play some black ops with my buddies hahaha have fun pl3 noobs!!!!

  • steven

    only problem iv ad is that when im making a new emblem it undoes it.
    for example….say i put on the smilie face it will undo it and it would take many tries to make it stay on.

  • lordsoth4

    All I want to know after this update, everything went bad, game system froze won’t play normal games. Will it get fix or is that out of pocket fix for us that we didn’t cause? All I know that there are a lot of players out there that this same thing is happening to them. When you call supports they say call Treyarch, when you call them its PlayStation issue. So if my system worked just fine before the update and now it does not work. Whose issue is it then, and will it be fixing it. So far Black Ops is not worth the money I spent on it.

    • ps3guru

      sounds like ur laser took a poop. $20 fix buy a new one on ebay. CHACHA

  • Sdredger

    Wish I waited till now before I bought black ops, people are that fed up with it that u can pick up the game from the charity shops for a few quid. The connectivity issues are infuriating.

  • luis

    the thing it helped with and im not 100% certain is your rc xd doesnt go trough wall neither your tomahawk and the care package doesnt fall through the ground but black ops has been screwing up my ps3 it freezes it i never join ppl theres always host migration always lagging and kicks me out for no reason

  • Grant

    Alright I was playing today nd it asked me if I wanted to do this update so i did it. This happens every single time, it says please wait and turns off but it still has the green light so i tried it again and this time it started blowing in the back with the fan then the red button started blinking someone has to help me please!!!! It drives me crazy!!!

  • ONEdestroyALL

    trayarch have ruined the game,good game but the respawns and the connection get worse with every update,im on prestige 5 but had enough now and gorn to gran turismo 5 instead.bring on crysis 2 now and mw3.infinity ward rock

  • Thanks for posting all your I know how much it sucks.but I still don’t know if I should get it? Any ideas?

  • Icemud420

    I believe Trey Arch owes all Black Ops customers a ton for us being the "official testers of Black Ops Beta" which we all bought for 60+ dollars. We have not purchased a full game people!!!…. and Trey Arch's way of cutting cost was to release a premature game to the public, use US as the testers, and to patch it based off our frustrations and findings. I think everyone should contact the BBB and every complaint board on the internet and write your frustrations. Trey Arch OWES US for a piss poor release, and for us being the testers…Where is my money Trey Arch….?

    -NO double XP yet for this game??????
    -Lag issues that seem to get worse with every patch.
    -Multiplayer that doesn't work (multiple players group together)
    -Didn't know getting a clan together and getting into your first game was supposed to take over 45 mins????
    -Transmission Errors and continuously being dropped from games during midgame.
    -No Microphone Volume control???? WTF Playstation Eye users get tons of feedback..
    -Kill cam vs actual play….(off quite a bit…when i run behind a wall 10 feet and then die, I look on killcam for other player, and shows me out in the open being shot…not behind wall like on my view…wtf)

    Also WTF…
    -Killstreak rewards don't count towards another killstreak reward…( Isn't that what a KILL Streak is….how many kills in a row without dying??? Why wouldn't a kill count towards your killstreak????
    – Why does it take so long to go from standing to laying down….totally unrealistic…In a battle, do you think it would take 2-3 seconds to lay down when bullets are coming at you????
    – Flak Jacket/Last Stand…Why does it take a whole AK-74 clip with rapid fire to down someone with last stand, and then you have to reload, and fire almost another whole clip just to kill the last stand player….2 Clips…come on…where the fukk is the realism?
    – Why only 1 helicopter in the air at a time/ per team……so u work your azz off to get a 7 killstreak, and then get stuck not being able to use it because other players already have theres in the air….What is there a rule that in WAR, you can only have 1 helicopter??? WTF?
    -Whats even worse is, lets say you have earned killstreak 5, 6 and 7 (7 being the helicopter) If you can't use your helicopter because another is in the air, you are not able to cycle thru your killstreak rewards to use the other ones ( 5 and 6) You have to wait until the airspace is clear and if the game ends before u can use your helicopter, you lose all your other killstreaks too….WTF again…..
    – No NUKE???? Why did you do away with the nuke…this was one of the best killstreak rewards for the game..stupid move…
    -Zombies…..half of the guns in black ops are not in Zombies???? and there is guns in Zombies that aren't in the game….MP40???? poor planning Trey Arch…?

    I could go on and on about how Black Ops has let me down…fix this please

  • Icemud420

    After downloading the new patch for Black Ops (ps3) I experienced even worse multiplayer gameplay than before the patch. Since the release of Black ops the Lag issues have made the multiplayer experience very frustrating and almost unplayable. The lag issues were so horrible that I have barely even been playing multiplayer and about 2 weeks before the last patch, the lag seemed to have disappeared and I actually for once was able to begin enjoying this game. Then the new patch comes out, completely messed up everything.
    It takes well over a half hour to get all my clan members in a room together to get a match, (usually involves regrouping a handful of times, backing out, changing hosts until we seem to get lucky) Then when you get in a match, I rarely ever get 4 green bars now, (I've seen it once since the patch where before the patch I was always getting all green bars) When shooting a player, the hitmarkers dont register on a clearly placed chest shot, and when watching kill cams, the gameplay of what I experienced vs what the other player saw is completely different. WTF Black ops!!! Get it right or I will not be buying the next COD and I encourage others to boycott COD until they are able to release a fully functional game, not one that takes multiple patches and over 2 months to correct…

    I have tried everything from changing my DNS settings to playstation's servers, google's servers, port forwarding, Upnp enabling, and usually am seeing higher than a 6mb download speed so I know it is not my connection. I am completely frustrated and over black ops until you guys at Tray Arch get it right….

  • Gagr

    Same problems..freezing and loading errors. treyarch blows cock. Fix this dumb shit. Infinity ward never messed up like this.


    Deffinantly didn't fix the matching problems I'm a 2nd prestige and spawned into a game that had no one over lvl 30
    connection problems are worse for me now my party keeps being broken up I get booted from games when I'm doing really well causing me to lose match bonus and my temper because it's not very often I'm on the top of the score chart due to being pretty much a "noob"

  • ala_madre!!!!! cant play worth a crap. cant join any of my friends

  • youface

    I done the update a few days ago and since then ive been having problems like 1 bar connection all the time no matter what and im not doing anthing on my laptop or computer.


  • Geoff McIntyre

    I spent 5 hours changing my NAT settings to get an open NAT….

    2 days i got before update put NAT back to strict which means i can't host and can only join games that have been hosted by someone with an open NAT….

    Tried changing my NAT type but update seems to reset you NAT type on restart!!!!

    Think GT5 is the way to go……

  • benji

    In the XMB delete your game save data and game data utility for Black Ops, all of your online stats will still be there, you will lose single player stats though, I decided to check this and found that the patch actually loaded into game save data and not where it should have in GAME DATA UTILITY…After deleting and redownloading everything works like it should!!!!

    Steps to do this:

    1. in the XMB under games where you would click on the disk to load black ops scroll up to where it says saved data utility.
    2. delete this data, what will happen is you will lose all of your campaign progress and on your custom classes you will lose whatever you have named them but all of your classes will be the same and no online progress will be lost. just rename them
    3. scroll up a little more to game data utility and click it and delete the black ops data, you will NOT lose any online progress.
    4. now go reload the game up and it will require you to redownload the patch and you should be up and running.

    happy gaming

    We were not able to personally test this at RipTen – but we emailed the solution to readers who said it fixed most of the issues immediately.

    *The solution is not perfect but will fix the patch for the user who corrected it. If the host of the match has not corrected this problem you can still have issues. The more people who correct this, the less issues people will have.

    Note: This is not an authorized solution given by Treyarch

  • Nice

    PATHETIC. Thats the word to treyarch. Comoon. Seriously, this ******* game will broke my ps3 if it freezes all the time. And why you even patch if you can't fix any problems, you just add more of them. NICE!

  • Scott


  • Kevin

    In my experience, this patch has caused more issues than what it supposedly fixed. It did not fix SH*T. Since this latest patch, my PS3 has been freezing a lot more. 90% of the matches I've played get disconnected. Takes forever and longer than before to find games… I can go on and on. FIX THIS SH*T.