Verizon 4G LTE: Network Problems and Update for Mac Users

By Alan Ng - Dec 13, 2010

For those of you who are in a Verizon 4G LTE compatible area, we want to know your feedback on the service so far, as we’re hearing a few reports that some people are having problems when using Verizon’s USB modem when trying to connect to the faster service.

According to this report from ComputerWorld, Verizon users have been greeted with a several minute delay when using USB modem to switch from a 3G connection to the speedy new 4G LTE network.

The good news, is that Verizon has acknowledged this problem, and they are currently working on a fix to solve the issues. Here is the official word from Verizon as detailed over at Computer World:

“Hand-offs can take up to a couple minutes, but that was expected and a fix is in the works.”

While the new speeds are obviously very pleasing for those capable of receiving them, Verizon USB modem owners who use their device on a Mac computer will be disappointed to find out that the LTE service doesn’t work at the moment – another problem which Verizon intends to fix.

”Mac is not yet supported, and we’ve been working on drivers for Mac OS for weeks, and expect to update relatively soon”

The information has come from Verizon spokesman Jeffrey Nelson – what are your thoughts on the current service? Are you enjoying 4G LTE speeds on Verizon, or is there a problem which is affecting your experience?

We will update you when the fixes go live. If you want to view a list of cities which can receive 4G speeds, head to our previous report here.

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  • AJD

    Don't get it yet! I have had it for 2 months now and am having constant problems. It does not work at all for sometimes up to an hour. Because it does not work well with a router we each have to swap the aircard and then wait to hope it will connect again. I live within a mile and a half of the antenna have a good signal and nothing but grief.

    I would give anything to have my old 3g system that worked great with my cradlepoint mbr1000 router back. That system was near flawless together.

    I can't believe after they had trials running 4G that they put it out to the general public.

    • Deborah Moore

      Wish I’d read your warning first!  It’s August now and we got a Novatel 4510L about a month ago.  Nothing but trouble–same issues you were having.  We can’t have our old 3g system back, and verizon couldn’t care less that we’re having problems.  Surely they knew we would……