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Samsung Nexus S: Best Buy FAQ – Your Questions Answered

If you need a further reminder, the Samsung Nexus S will be available to buy at Best Buy stores and online from December 16th onwards. To get you into the mood, the retailer has posted up a detailed FAQ section, giving you every ounce of information on the handset.

As reported from Phandroid, the FAQ attempts to answer all the questions you may have on the Nexus S, and particularly fix up the confusion some of you may be experiencing over where to actually buy the device.

Just to confirm once more, the Nexus S will be available on contract with T-Mobile, but T-Mobile stores will not be selling the Nexus S on launch. Instead, you’ll have to head down to your nearest Best Buy Mobile store if you plan on picking one up.

Another thing to note, is that the Nexus S is not available for pre-order. Best Buy states that they’ll be offering the handset on a first-come, first-serve basis, and they will make use of a ticketing system to customers to want to buy one this Thursday.

If you are interested in viewing the FAQ, you can see it at Best Buy here. Let us know if you are planning to buy a Nexus S on launch day. Are you surprised that you won’t be able to pick one up from T-Mobile stores directly? Best Buy must have worked their stocks off to get this exclusive deal on arguably the most anticipated handset after the iPhone 4. Either way you look at it, this IS the Google Nexus Two we’re looking at here.

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