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PS3 Exclusive: Tetris – Puzzle Game Returns 2011

For all you old school gamers you will remember Tetris, heck, everyone remembers Tetris. Even my wife who hates video games loves Tetris, in fact if I tell her it is coming out on the PSN in 2011 I doubt I will ever get to play my beloved console again!

This time it’s bigger, better, more colorful and offers a decent competitive online mode. We are hearing reports that it will be available very early on in 2011 and that it will have 1080p graphics, and 5.1 Dolby sound.

The game will have 6 online and offline game modes but don’t worry gamers, you can still play Marathon by your self! On the PlayStation blog Christophe Gomez doesn’t go into any detail but does mention that there will be 3 new online modes. This sounds brilliant! You can also view a game trailer of the new version that is headed for the PSN courtesy of the PlayStation Blog.

Something really trivial I know, but I really hope they keep the original music as well as the new jazzed up version as an option or allow you to play your own music whilst you get as many lines as possible would be great. What would also be cool is if you could put the same game onto your PSP and almost use it as a separate controller playing in the same game as everyone else in the room. Hopefully it will be a 4-player game and if it is you know it will get competitive! At the bottom of the article we have included a YouTube clip that has some of the old music to the game playing, you’ve got to love it, the pictures it shows will bring back a memory or two.

What do you think about Tetris making a comeback? Do you still like the golden oldies like this? Let us know in the comments below.



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