Fallout: New Vegas PS3 Patch Arrives – Details Revealed

By Tina Chubb - Dec 13, 2010

A few days ago, Jamie Pert brought you news on the announcement of an upcoming patch for the Fallout: New Vegas game. We can now tell you that the PlayStation 3 version 1.02 patch has arrived, with the PC and Xbox 360 versions expected to arrive sometime in the early part of next week.

According to a recent article by Mike Jackson over at computerandvideogames.com, the new patch is aimed at fixing quite a few issues that players have been reporting since the game’s release, including DLC error/save corruption and the glitch that occurred when applying mods to the weathered pistol.

The new patch now means that companions will show up as waypoints on the map and will always fast travel with you, unless they are sent away or told to wait. The new patch also addresses issues in areas such as Hardcore Mode, Radio Stations, Crafting Menu and Perks.

A few of the quests that have received fixes in the version 1.02 patch include King’s Gambit, The House Always Wins, Wild Card, My Kind of Town, GI Blues, How Little We Know, That Lucky Old Sun and Restoring Hope. You can view the full details of all fixes included in the 1.02 patch via CVG.

What issues have you been experiencing with the Fallout: New Vegas game? Do you own the PC, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 version?

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  • michael

    GAME frezzes waaaaaay too much, FIX IT BETHESDA!!!! please, i payed $110 for this game and i cant even play it, what a let down.

  • Allen

    I have the latest patch as well and it still freezes. I read their forum post about the patch and not once do they address the freezing issue which i find very strange and very disappointing. Fallout 3 was great with very little problems but this is just unacceptable, especially at these prices. The game is almost unplayable.

  • Joshua

    We have the latest patch 1.2 and STILL have major freezing problems…for a game as expensive as it was…HUGE disappointment in Bethesda games. LOVED fallout 2 and new vegas until the game loads for 524534623462453 hours and freezes every 4 seconds…ps3 is clean, every other game we have is perfectly fine..except New Vegas. So sad. had high expectations from the patch…gone.

  • Sam

    The patch did an okay job so far but, it seems to have decreased the game's difficulty. I am playing hardcore, very hard and it's a laugh. I had a harder time on normal mode on my first playtrough. I hate easy games.

  • Martin

    Too bad for PS3 owners who have no internet and stuck with version 1.0

    • g

      haha sucks to be you, come on a ps3 with no internet is like a ps3 with no tv, it doesnt work

    • Sam

      I feel your pain………..will have to bring my ps3 over to a friends to patch it.

      And of course if I had only remembered to DL it yesterday as I had brought it to DL the Black Ops map pack off his profile. Argh.