Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Release Date, New Engine – Expectations?

By Alan Ng - Dec 13, 2010

If you tuned into the Spike Video Game Awards over the weekend, you’ll know that one of the biggest announcements was the confirmation that a fifth Elder Scrolls game is on the way. We want to know your expectations of Skyrim, set to release next year.

At the moment, we don’t know what platforms the game will be coming to. PC will obviously be one, but PS3 and Xbox 360 owners will be anxiously waiting to see if they’ll be able to play the game too – fingers crossed.

In terms of storyline, Bethesda were again reluctant to give away any details, but we can tell you that the game is a direct sequel to Oblivion – which will obviously delight fans. Oblivion stands up there as one of the best games of all time in my opinion, and to hear that Bethesda’s Nick Breckon has just confirmed on Twitter that the game will release on a brand new game engine – well it just gets better and better doesn’t it?

The launch trailer for the game also revealed a solid release date – November 11th, 2011. You may be surprised to hear that the game will be coming so soon after Fallout: New Vegas, which suggests to us that the team has obviously been working on Skyrim for quite some time.

What are your expectations of Skyrim? It is going to be one hell of a task to topple Oblivion, and we’re definitely interested to see how they tie the storyline from ES:IV into Skyrim. Do you have any possible ideas to share on this? The markings on the wall during the trailer seemingly hints at the inclusion of dragons in the game, and the title Skyrim suggests that there might be some action taking place high above land.

We can’t wait for further details on the game. It’s been a long time in the making, but we’re pleased to say that Elder Scrolls V is finally a reality. As a fan of the franchise, let us know your thoughts and expectations for the new game. Trailer is below.

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  • Jim

    Damn cant wait, i to have wasted several days playing oblivion and with skyrim coming out just after ME 3 i'm gonna be set for the next few months that follow…

  • kjj

    the skyrim game play trailor looks sooo freakin sweet!!

  • kyle

    cant wait oblivion best game ever play it non stop keep up the good work 😀

  • Nikola

    I think that the whole world is going to love it! It will crush every other game in 2011. I played Oblivion very long time and I have waited for this masterpiece too long. I can't wait for November. I think that I am going to play it a lot.

  • tim

    i love the elder scrolls, i think bethesda will definitly live up to the expectations that many people have. when i heard about a new game from elder scrolls, i just about creamed my jeans.

  • DeezNuts905

    Calm down its justa game

  • Astrit

    When I heard that they were bringing out a new installment, I think my heart stopped beating for the rest of the day. I still rot my life away on oblivion. They should make Skyrim a mixture of all the elder scrolls, that would be intense. In my opinion, the game play, graphics and voice actors, as annoying as they were are fine, the only thing the team should be focusing on is the story line, because boy is oblivion and Morrowind gonna be hard to beat.

  • jacob

    I doubt it will have 2 disc since Oblivion fit all of its scenery and gameplay into one.

  • 2 disc???

  • Tristan

    I hope they make it more like Morrowind.

  • Josh

    I hope there is multiplayer for it like where you can trade, battle and do co-op missions that would be awesome 🙂

  • chris

    I cant wait I almost wish no one told me and i just found out sometime next year how in the hell am i suppose to wait 300+ days for this? I can only play a game so many times before it getting boring, but oblivion i came back and played it over and over i still play it when i run out of things to do. I say this, Skyrim has a lot to live up to good luck to the design teams.

  • Chris

    I'm so freakn excited about it. I just logged into youtube and I saw it….. my heart stopped. I was like "NO FREAKN WAY!!! OMFG!!!" I have played E.S. since the xbox. I do hope that they do fix some graphic loading times for the 360 and I agree about the voices, sooooo annoying. I do kinda miss the epic items that were in Morrowind. I'm very excited to see what the new engine looks like. Patence isn't one of my virtues.

  • Nathan

    God I must have spent 300+ hours on oblivion…….so excited for skyrim now…..bethesda probably saw all the mods for dragons on the Internet so they will add them in….as well as I will shot Todd howard if there army more voices in the freaking script….soo anoying hearing every second person has the same voice!! >:( otherwise I can’t wait!

  • Im really looking forward to the sequel to Oblivion, that game stole many days of my life..Its a game I keep going back to despite completing 3 times and getting every achievement possible….Im in agreement with Sam it has a lot to live upto and they better not make it as glitchy as Fallout New Vegas…FONV is an awesome game buy spoilt by all its problems

  • Sam

    Well let's hope that this brand new engine will be used wisely. NV is running on a old piece of crap engine, which should be mastered by now, since it's so old. But that didn't stop them from screwing up, reproducing FO3's bugs and mistakes AND added new ones.

    So I'll be really, really critical of this next game. I liked Oblivion, but if they, again see to big and just make a laggy problem plagued game, I'll be done with this company. If Bioware can do it, I'm sure they can work a bit harder and make it worth our while.

    A for the consoles, well, it's Bethesda were talking about, they won't miss a chance to make money, so they'll probably get the game out on as many supports as possible.