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Christmas Trivia: List of iPhone, iPad Apps

With Christmas just around the corner now will be the time that we begin to plan the big day. The first thing that we will do is get the Christmas dinner out of the way, and only then can we all relax and enjoy our times with loved ones. Some will just watch TV after, while others partake in a range of activities. One such thing that you can do to pass the time are trivia games.

Having looked around I have found a number of Christmas Trivia Apps that can be used on your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The first of these is simply called ‘Christmas Trivia’, which has been designed just for this occasion. Now you can find out who knows more about Christmas, you can save your high scores and look back at who scored the most. For more details visit App Shopper.

The next app on the list is called ‘Christmas Trivia – Are You Smarter Than Santa? This application is currently on offer for $0.99, and along with a host of question has an Xmas countdown – talk about drum it into your head just how little shopping time you have left. The game allows you to play up to four people at a time; more details here.

The final one we thought we would mention is Christmas Trivia Quiz, which comes with a choice of one hundred multiple-choice questions. There are ten categories to choose from, with two settings Easy and Hard. The app costs $0.99, more details here.

These are just three Christmas Trivia apps, but there are loads more. Which one have you downloaded?

We have discussed a number of other trivia apps in the past, such as the John Lennon one.


  • Nicola

    Punflay has released 3 new apps for Christmas- 12 days to Christmas, Jerricho the Elf and My Story Time! Gift it to the little ones at home! Happy holidays!


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