SSX Deadly Descents: Trailer and Website Unveiled

We may not have seen a new game in the SSX (Snowboard Supercross) video game series for a long time, but it looks like there will be one on the way soon. Speculation about a new SSX title began earlier this week, and the confirmation came during last night’s VGA 2010 ceremony.

According to a recent article over at (sourced from Game Trailers) by djhsecondnature, the trailer for the new game – titled SSX: Deadly Descents – looks a bit like Call of Duty: Black Ops on snowboards. If you want to watch the trailer, then you’ll find it below this post.

Besides a trailer for the upcoming game (which hasn’t received a release date as of yet), an SSX: Deadly Descents website has also been unveiled. The description of the game provided on the website, says that it pits riders against both man and mountain.

You can read the full description over at Are you looking forward to the arrival of a new SSX title?



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