Mortal Kombat 2011: New Character List Update – Kratos!

By Alan Ng - Dec 12, 2010

We have some exciting news to bring you now, as it has been confirmed that Kratos will definitely be appearing in the highly anticipated Mortal Kombat reboot next year, although obviously he will be exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

As reported from CVG, it had previously been rumored, but not confirmed as detailed in our report last week, but thankfully, last night’s reveal at the Spike VGAs has added that extra bit of gloss to those planning to pick up the PS3 version of the game.

NetherRealm Studios has released a brand new trailer unveiling the God of War character to the Mortal Kombat franchise, and it’s pretty epic to say the least. We see a fight taking place between Scorpion and Sub Zero, only for Kratos to interrupt Scorpion’s imminent fatality on Sub Zero for a piece of the action himself.

The game is scheduled for release early next year, and is now an almost certain buy for PS3 owners previously sitting on the fence – don’t forget that Mortal Kombat or MK9 will also support stereoscopic 3D as well.

What are your thoughts on the inclusion of Kratos? You may have been against the franchise crossover seen in Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe, but adding Kratos to the growing MK character roster is a different beast alltogether. Check out his trailer below and give us your reaction to this bombshell.

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  • Mar

    Kratos is by far the BEST choice they could make for the Mortal Kombat exclusivity in the PS3 version. However, they should've added a Gears of War character for the 360 version. Like Marcus Fenix. He isn't as good as Kratos but he comes pretty close and does have his own potential. although, shooter characters don't adapt too well into fighting games (Halo Spartan into that Dead or Alive game)

  • Anonymous

    i think alex mercer or sgt james heller from prototype could make an excellent fight in mk, obviously in both consoles

  • Kingzilla36

    4 all the bullshit said about kratos! Even you know he goes ham! yall just a scared of the ps3 power! and not including that the xbox gets wow in hard core games a grafics except 4 halo! so stop crying xbox and get a life! you know kratos is the best pick over all the xbox characters! and there is a hundred reasons why!

  • Smileytsc

    I think Marcus Fenix would be a kick ass charactet for the xbox 360. Gears kicks ass!! He would have a cool fatality w

    like with the Lancer Assault Rifle. Or with the Hammer of dawn with a grenade!! Now that be a mk game for you!! Or Ninja Gaiden…

  • Smileytsc

    I think Marcus Fenix would be a kick add charactet for the xbox 360. Gears kicks add!! He would have a cool fatality wother the Lancer Assault Rifle. Or with the Hammer of dawn with a grenade!! Now that be a mk game for you!! Or Ninja Gaiden…

  • hcode123

    Mortal Kombat on ps3 is going to support 3D the xbox360 want have the 3D support.. The exclusive games like god of war and final fantasy look 2x better than any xbox360 game. That's because the ps3 games store more gigs, 50gb+, on they're bluray disc. Where the xbox360 only store upto 30gigs on a disc. The ps3 has an advantage because they can support bigger games, this makes the future for the ps3 alot better than the 360. Soon Microsoft will need a new system to keep up,because the ps3 simply does everything. Also the ps3 games are scratch resistant, because they're on blu ray disc. Plus the move controllers with 3D support is way better than the kinect. Ps3 have more hardcore games with move controllers, than xbox360 kinect

  • Keith W.

    Adding Kratos is an awesome idea. He is practically a Mortal Kombat character already. I personally think the GOW games are the best games of all time (modern era). They took what used to be fun about games in the past as far as game play and then made you actually THINK about what you had to do. So I am obviously a little bias, but it is a great move and will motivate me to buy the game.

  • johnn

    Wrong on the mgs thing sons of liberty was for Xbox so its not a ps3 thing only cause I own it and MK is better then Tekken

  • Reality

    You people piss me off, always saying that 360 is better, or PS3 is better, Jesus Christ let it go, It's a never ending argument, The 360 isn't better than the PS3 VICE VERSA, I have both the systems, and I play them both, sure both systems have their flaws, but that doesn't mean you have to have a dick shoved up your ass about the other console, I bet most of you who talk shit about the other system hasn't ever even picked up a controller to the other.. Now back to MK:9, It will definitely be added to the collection.

  • Rain is Master

    Just so everyone knows its Ryu Hayabusa who is gonna be in the xbox 360 version of Mortal Kombat.

    • Mar

      Their is no Xbox 360 exclusive character for the Xbox 360 version. They will only give one to the PS3 version so far.

  • NighTWolF

    Billy and tommy are definetly retarded lol. And btw , PS3 sucks . Everyone know that Xbox360 is the best console out there and that's why it's more popular , not even because the price is higher with the PS3 . PS:Kratos suck , PS2: Master Chief FTW , PS3:Xbox FTW

  • Swordfish

    Poor little billy you are a idiot still fighting a losing battle no matter let me school you a bit you are playing on a blue ray player with gamming capabilitys still sore that you dont have gear of war mass effect or halo fable you can have that repetitive shit called god of war we don't need it as for kratos on mortal kombat thats just an insentive even if he was on both consoles nobody would play him anyway so shut up fool

  • stephen

    No dude, its not gonna be a metal gear solid charactor for Xbox. probably a spartan or something. something that screams XBOX. Raiden form MGS is a PS character, so not going to be there.

  • tommy 83

    i am waiting 4 mortal kombat. i luv it n always will. collectors editon will be mine. ps3 baby! xbox can go suck it

  • cyd25

    Might as well add Master Chief for the Xbox version then 😛

  • quentyn

    i reakn its gna b mean as if kratos is gna b in it! i am a big kratos fan lol, and hopefully he'll b a badass like he is on G.O.W!!!

  • mauricio

    kratos e brasileirooo

  • Billy

    the PS3 version is gunna be the best because we have the GOD OF WAR!!!!! Suck On It XBOX!

    • marhorn

      Are you joking? who actually cares about mortal kombat anymore? will be fun for like five minutes then suck! after ultimate mortal kombat. which I play all the time on Xbox live (no one on psn to actually play against) the series stopped!

      The fighting games to look forward to are Street fighter x Tekken, Tekken x Street fighter and Marvel vs Capcom 3!

      • ???????

        Fuck You Marhorn. Mortal Kombat will kill Street Fighter AND Tekken ANY DAY. And I say that with a passion.

      • jordan

        buddy u got no clue what yer talkin about mk games sucks to u cause u get ripped apart as soon as u start

        • marhorn

          Ha! put your fatalities where your mouth is…..add me on xbl marhorn then we will see! and OLD Mortal Kombat is awesome but the new ones suck! (hoping the new one will prove me wrong but I doubt it) Street fighter (3rd strike) and Tekken are way better, any beat em up fan will tell you that!



    • Ric

      What r u talking about?, Raiden N Shao Kahn R going to be on the 360 N PS3 as playable characters.

      • marhorn

        He means raiden (pronounced rai-den) from Metal gear solid. Not raiden (pronounced ray-den) from Mortal Kombat!

        • jbeezy

          well that doesnt make sense.. mgs is ps3 exlusive…