Mass Effect 3 Officially Announced: Trailer Debuts at 2010 VGAs

By Tina Chubb - Dec 12, 2010

There has been quite a lot of speculation among gaming fans over the past couple of weeks as to what games would be revealed during this year’s Video Game Awards ceremony. As Alan Ng recently reported, Mass Effect 3 was just one of the titles that were being suggested as a reveal.

As many of you are aware, the 2010 VGAs took place last night and Mass Effect 3 was indeed one of the titles that were officially announced. According to Riley Little over at (sourced from, the game was unveiled along with a world premiere trailer.

While the trailer may have impressed both Mass Effect fans and those who are new to the series, it unfortunately didn’t touch on the multiplayer mode that has been rumored recently. However, what the Mass Effect 3 trailer does tell us, is that the game will be arriving in time for the 2011 holidays.

The trailer starts by showing an unknown soldier, who is positioned in a tower and armed with a large sniper rifle. The guy then goes on to say: “Two million dead in the first day. Another seven million by the end of the first week.” He is then seen injecting himself with something.

You can view the trailer below this post, or via the website. What are your impressions of the game’s debut trailer? Do you think you’ll be buying the game when it arrives next year?

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  • ronnie

    Mass Effect 3 looks good with the graphics and the war has fond its way to earth. Can't wait to see whats changed and what hasn't.

  • Sam

    Pretty amazing, imagine if those were real time graphics. I just hope the PS3 version won't come 1 year later… Which shouldn't happen since it's now part of EA line up.