Samsung Nexus S Review: Best Android Device?

By Alan Ng - Dec 11, 2010

We have some good news for those of you planning to pick up the recently announced Samsung Nexus S device, as we have one of the first ‘official’ reviews for you to check out, and it’s pretty good news.

Engadget has managed to get their hands on a retail handset early, and they have given us their detailed impressions of the device, which will be available to buy on T-Mobile in the US on December 16th, exclusively at Best Buy stores.

You’ll be pleased to know that their conclusions on the hardware and software are very positive, although there were some notable criticisms which you’ll find in their review. The biggest thing to note here though, is that Engadget believe that the Nexus S has now taken the crown of becoming the ‘best Android device’ on the market, in their opinion.

Unsurprisingly, they have reserved a sizable portion of their review on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, as you should know by now that the Nexus S is the first Android handset to ship with the new software. They state that those seeking a radical interface makeover may be disappointed, as most of the new features and tweaks lie in the background, such as support for Google VoIP / SIP calling and also more APIs and Dev Tools specifically designed to improve gaming on Gingerbread – nice to hear.

Battery life is pretty good they say, as the handset managed to last around 20 under ‘heavy usage’, although they do recommend buying a second battery for those to plan to make full use of multimedia features on the Nexus S. The 5 megapixel camera performs good too, although they criticized the fact that the Nexus S didn’t support true HD video recording.

Earlier this week we asked the question whether Nexus One users were planning to upgrade to the Nexus S or not. If you are still unsure about this decision, Engadget’s glowing report of the Nexus S may make the decision a little easier for you. Check out their review in the link above and let us know your reaction to it.

Are you planning to get the device now? There’s also a great collection of images and a video which they’ve uploaded too, go take a look at the hottest Android device in town.

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  • Dee Dee

    I must agree with mr/mrs "mobiledude123" and sheetz. I just bought my Nexus s around 4 days ago and I am big time disappointed with the battery life . First charge took around 12 to 14 hours and each subsequent charge is taking around 5-6 hours for fully charge with the main charger (car or usb charge with take much much longer). My basic use is (internet and youtube) and battery will hardly last for fewer than 10 hours so if SAMSUNG claim that battery for this phone last much longer than its a completer B******T. May be if you use the phone for making and receiving few calls in a day then it might stay for over one day but not with use of internet.
    So my advise for those who are thinking to buying this phone is if they are expecting a longer battery life then this phone is not for them. it has the most horrible battery life i ever seen in a phone.
    apart from the battery problem this phone seems ok and it will meet all the other expectation.

  • Sheetz

    I agree!. I had the same issues with my Galaxy S. I'm actually planning to change to Nexus S but having heard these issues, I just might settle for iPhone 4 =(

  • mobiledude123

    Samsung has a f***ed up service for the Nexus S, i got a Nexus S on the launch date and have been facing battery problems where it takes more than 3 hours for a full charge and the charge stays for only 10 to 16 hours. I am an average user where i keep the sync, bluetooth and wireless off during day time. Samsung customer service says that i will have to send the battery to them and they will send a new battery and it will take 6 to 10 days for this process.

    How could somebody wait for 6 to 10 days without using their phone? They have no other way of helping a customer for this issue.

    Google has made a very big mistake of working with Samsung. Samsung does not understand how to deal with their mobile phone customers where their ailing mobile phone business has been given life with Android and this is the way they are giving support. Absolutely pathetic. I have been an iPhone user and went for the Nexus S with great expectations to meet if not exceed but the service is no where comparable to Apple's where a product bought within 5 days of its lauch and i find an issue and Samsung gives a damn.

    I think HTC has been a better manufacturer in terms of the product quality and customer service where many of my friends using it have had a great experience let it be the product or service, i wonder why Google chose Samsung. Pathetic policy and service from Samsung. I would suggest people do not by the Nexus S for the reason being the poor customer service from Samsung.

  • Graham

    "Battery life is pretty good they say, as the handset managed to last around 20 under ‘heavy usage’, although they do recommend buying a second battery for those to plan to make full use of multimedia features on the Nexus S."

    20 what? Battery life is my biggest issue. I text and use internet a ton. I have the mytouch 4g and the battery lasts me a little over half a day. I really want this phone. But if the battery life is going to be as bad as the mytouch, i might not get it.

  • yeah I agree with you andrew, they're quite so close. but i think Nexus S is fully loaded this time and i am not sure but this phone is i think the first Gingerbread version(so far based on my research). i am planning to have one and even made an article about it.

  • Strange that Froyo and Gingerbread have come out so close together. My main stipulation is a qwerty keyboard,good battery life and reception,stable O/S-in other words a Torch.