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Super Meat Boy: Bandage Guides for All Worlds

If you have been pleasantly surprised by Super Meat Boy you may be wondering how to get all of the bandages from the five worlds, well luckily for you guides have been published on XBLAFans.

The guides look very easy to follow and all feature a small written instruction followed by a picture, we have embedded a picture below showing you an example of one of the guide images.

For the bandages on World 1 “The Forest” check out this link, for World 2 “The Hospital” check out this link, for World 3 “The Salt Factory” check out this link, for World 4 “Hell” check out this link and for World 5 “Rapture” check out this link.

I have not played Super Meat Boy, therefore I cannot comment as to whether these guides are all that helpful, therefore we would appreciate your feedback in the comments section below, if you have not played Super Meat Boy you can add the free trial to your 360’s download queue here, or buy the full game here.

Are you struggling with a particular bandage? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: JoyStiq



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