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Sprint 4G Tablet: Release in 2011 – Skip Samsung Galaxy S?

We have some great news for consumers on Sprint now, as it has just been confirmed that a 4G capable tablet is on the way to the carrier next year. Perfect for those of you who opted not to buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab device.

As reported from Engadget, the information has surfaced from Forbes, as Sprint’s Paget Alves, President of business markets revealed the juicy news, as well as saying that the tablet device may not necessarily run on Android either.

He didn’t want to say which manufacturer would be making this 4G-capable tablet, but you definitely couldn’t rule out Samsung having another crack at it.

If you have already bought a Galaxy Tab on Sprint, you are probably very disappointed at the fact that it can only run on Sprint’s 3G network, unlike their HTC EVO and Epic 4G smartphones which can operate on their WiMAX network just fine.

Our advice to you, is to hold off from buying a new Galaxy Tab on Sprint for now, and wait for more details to arise on this new 4G tablet. Let us know if you have anything to share on this matterc

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