Samsung Galaxy S: Gingerbread Update – Download Confirmed

By Alan Ng - Dec 10, 2010

Yesterday we wrote an article about Samsung’s apparent lack of eagerness to commit to a confirmation on whether or not their Samsung Galaxy S handset would be receiving an update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

While Samsung US may be unwilling to reveal any juicy details yet, that hasn’t stopped Samsung India from spilling the beans. When speaking on their Twitter website, Samsung India confirmed the news that everyone has been waiting for:

”Gingerbeard will be available for GalaxyS users. ^PC”

Yes we didn’t spell it wrong, Samsung India hilariously typed Gingerbeard instead of Gingerbread. Back on topic though, they added that there currently isn’t any release ETA for the update, but we predict it will land during Q1 of 2011.

It also means that Galaxy S owners in the UK and US are very likely to receive the Gingerbread update too, as it wouldn’t make much sense if the update was locked to India users only. What are your thoughts on this? Hopefully the update comes sooner rather than later, as Galaxy S owners won’t want to see the Nexus S having all of the fun. We’re also hoping that Samsung doesn’t take as long as they did to push out Android 2.2 Froyo either – some Galaxy S owners still don’t have the update which is a bit ridiculous.

Either way, Gingerbread is coming – give us your reaction.

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  • Sabi

    Samsung u should launch 2.3 for India aswell bcuz all other fones alerady with gingebead OS n GALAXY S STILL ON 2.2 which erally sucks 2 muc lag n also v slow now 2.1 was better then 2.2…………..

  • Volf

    i have a Galaxy S, Like many people. Vodafone texted me to say that I could update my phone. Thinking it would improve on the battery life I said "Why not" I wish I hadnt. After updating to Froyo, My phone has been nothing but a pain. Slow, Lagfix didnt fix it, Random crashes, Hangs on calls, GPS takes forever to lock on, Wifi keeps crashing for no reasion too. Only way for me to fix it, is to remove the battery and restart.

    I wish I had never updated to 2.2, I just hope that 2.3 will be a MASSIVE improvment to all the bugs and problems I've had so far. If 2.3 dosnt fix the problems, Im giving up ownership of a Galaxy S and getting somthing else…

    • vishal Gohri

      Take your phone to factory defaults and then reinstall all applications. I had similar issues after updating my phone.

  • seb

    I just hope gingerbread isn't like froyo. I dont no the case for others but froyo without lagfix is just horrible

  • Bigballs

    this a joke get the update rapid all the other phones have got it.

  • Prabhpreet Singh

    i am a big big fan of android os

    and i am using samsung galaxy s

    and i think i was the first one, who tell all of you that froyo had come on the very first day when it was available in INDIA after very long waiting.

    i am now waiting for 2.3 version.

    lets hope that we get this new firmware very soon just because gingerbread is coming with SAMSUNG nexus S.