PlayStation Move Sharpshooter: Makes Killzone 3 Better?

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 10, 2010

The future is looking bright for the PlayStation move as compatibility is moving towards games like Killzone 3 and other FPS’s. The PlayStation Sharpshooter is an innovative way of bringing the old arcade style into your home and I have to say it looks impressive when working with the screen.

We have spoken to your previously about a couple of different games for the PlayStation Move like Kung-Fu and a Lightsaber perhaps being released. Now we have a little treat for you, at the bottom of this article is a video of Killzone 3 being played using the Sharpshooter, we picked the video up from Josh Hood’s article over at There have also been a few other designs although they are named differently, below is an assault rifle style which looks nice.

Killzone 3 is one of the most anticipated game releases that will be hitting the PS3 and we have already told you that Killzone has confirmed split screen online multiplayer but what I am wondering is if you can have 2 players on the same screen using split screen online play and 2 sharpshooters? That would be pretty awesome right? I especially like the way that you have to reload and the additional buttons on the Sharpshooter. If you want to learn a little more about the Sharpshooter then head over to Sony’s official page for it here.

After watching the clip below and taking all things into consideration, do you think that the Sharpshooter will make Killzone 3 any better? Would it make you want to play the game being more involved physically? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Robert Hamilton

    can you use two move sharp shooters at once

    • Ahmed

      Not from what I've seen, I've tired using 2 move controllers with the sharp-shooter attachments but got an error msg. Really disappointing as I bought 2 of everything for that reason! Prick behind the counter assured me that 2 SS controllers can be used together.

      • Kristina_lynn8

        Spent about $250 for both, saved up for a really long time to buy two, guess I lost all that money.

  • Nunya Bizniz

    Can you play this on Black Ops?

  • brandon

    i've been playing with the sharpshooter in killzone 3 for a while, and I must say it is for sure the next evolution in the gaming experience. you can customize the sensitivity of the motion from so accurate your ares tire, or general enough to play from a chair. and the dead zone alterations specifically tailor the experience to your strengths. If you disagree, you probably haven;'t picked one up, or your looking for a reason to dislike it. It truly is amazing, and blows the bare motion controller out of the water. completely worth every penny.

    • Iiceboxx

      No one is looking for a reason to dislike it, it just sucks if the dead zone is too low the camera is all over the place,and if it’s too high it takes too long to move the camera around. Both ways you get your ass kicked,forcing everyone to put the dead zone somewhere in the middle.the aiming takes so long to get accurate,even then it is stlill not accurate.always have to recalibrate.gamers with the Crap… I mean Sharp shooter will always get owned. Ps3 sucks.

  • frank

    come on sony and developers…just give us a damn mouse and keyboard, stop the b.s. just got the move and sharpshooter…not all that impressive

  • TriColorSimba

    Got it! Done that! Been there! Didn't impress me!!! The problem here my fellow gamers is that the aiming part of the sharpshooter is also the looking around part. This is quite dificult do manage specialy in a fast paced game like Killzone3. Its OK for arcade like "on rail" First Person Shooters where you only need to point and shoot. In a 3D moving environment the dificulty increases exponentialy. You will find yourself moving the camera often while aiming…in other words YOUR AIMING WILL BE ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!… and God help you if the enemy can fly or creeps up behind you. There are some customizable options to fit ones needs but as a hardcore gamer it wasn't a pleasent first time experience. It was a little easier using the move without the sharpshooter but it was still a crappy experience. Since I wasted so much money on it I've convinced myself that I'll get the hang of it but I am VERY sceptic. I spent more of my atention on the "move challenge" then I actually did enjoying the Game!!!

    Now the 3D experience WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not perfect but pretty cool.

  • skip

    looks interesting

  • Digger

    Ok that got my attention. It looks like a natural way to play a FPS. With customizable buttons you can set it up for what works for you. A lot of the actions, will be natural because you have a gun in your hand. I wonder if they will bundle it with a copy of Killzone3? I hope this works and inspires more games that can use a Move and gun attachment. I think this kind of motion control is way better than jumping up and down or wiggling you wrist.