Nexus S Vs Nexus One: Will you Upgrade?

By Alan Ng - Dec 10, 2010

A few months ago we wrote an article asking Samsung Galaxy S owners if they were planning to upgrade to the Nexus S, even though the Galaxy S is still pretty new. We now want to hear the thoughts of Google Nexus One owners.

If you are currently own a Nexus One handset, the chances are that you’re still satisfied with it are fairly high, as the Nexus One remains one of the best and most popular smartphones on the market.

However, it is fairly outdated now, and just like iPhone owners, consumers usually jump at the chance to buy some upgraded hardware. And upgraded hardware is certainly what you’ll get with the Nexus S, as in terms of a spec comparison, the Nexus S wins the battle with the addition of a larger screen (4-inch), front facing camera, Bluetooth 3.0 and of course Android 2.3 Gingerbread in the box, although the Nexus One is likely to be the first existing handset to receive the update before the end of the year.

It will most likely come down to personal preference though, and unlike other handset sequels, the Nexus S is built by a different manufacturer – Samsung, whereas the Nexus One is a HTC phone. If you are looking for a more detailed comparison between the two handsets, we’ve found a great article over at Pocket-Lint for you to take a look at.

As a Nexus One owner, are you tempted to upgrade to a Nexus S, or are you going to keep your current handset? On a side note, we’ve included a short clip of the cool NFC feature on the Nexus S, check it out below.

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  • ASeale

    Just wanted to drop a correction that it's Bluetooth 2.1 not 3.0. I'm getting a Nexus S but in my defense I'm upgrading from the original MyTouch… 🙂

  • mamamia

    I almost wanted to upgrade, till I discovered that NS doesn’t have a micro SD slot…I kind of wanted a front facing camera too, but not at the cost of giving up my expandable memory and trackball. Content with my N1 for now. My dream phone will have dual cameras,(one with flash),tricolor trackball,at least 16gb of internal memory and expandable to 32gb. Does anyone know if the S will allow portable wifi hotspot capability?none of the reviews I read mentioned it. N1 was the only phone to my knowledge that allowed this feature wthout an extra charge.

  • nexusone

    i don't think i will upgrade. sure i would love to have a front facing camera, but that is the only deal breaker as a pro. the nexus s doesn't have expandable memory? what a shame.

    the trackball is extremely useful for using the web, without it i'd be zooming in and out on every page, how inconvenient. not to mention, the trackball LED notifications is very useful.

  • Gene K

    I've played with the Nexus S today at Best Buy and wasn't impressed. I'm keeping my Nexus One for now. I will have Gingerbread 2.3 on my Nexus One in several weeks, the 3.7" screen is big enough and there isn't much of a difference from a 4" one on Nexus S. I don't care for the front facing camera that much and the NFC technology is far from mainstream just yet. Plus, currently I am not on any of the so-called "Nexus data plans" and my 3G connection is lightning fast for $20/month including unlimited text package.

  • m0t3

    Am gonna hold on to my Nexus One for now.
    i don't really have use for a front facing camera or Blue-tooth 3.0 since i would rarely really use them anyway.
    so the only thing that would interest me with the Nexus S is the screen which isn't really enough, for me to consider the switch…
    am pretty satisfied with the nexus one, and as said above, the dust getting under the screen is the only thing that am not happy with, but I've managed to stop that by getting a cover so its no big deal

  • n1 user

    I plan on keeping my Nexus One for a while. The only disappointment with N1 is dust under screen. I do not trust Samsung mobile enough to get another one of their phones. Seems like Samsung is always late with firmware updates. They come out with flashy hardware reap profits while the phones are new and forget about support. Also downsides of NS are no SD cars, no trackball, and plasticity design. I will wait for dual core HTC phones.

  • nexus one is so unique with the trackball,design and color. all the more if rooted, everything is possible with this phone already. the screen is just nice.dislike the 4 inch screen and black plastiky design of nexus s though there is still a slight itch upgrade. but the trackball notification is all i want…

  • Vannia

    I'm tempted to upgrade to Nexus S from my lovable Nexus One for three reasons:

    1. Too low internal memory

    2. Lack of front-facing camera

    3. The Display (dust-penetrating 3.6 inch Amoled on Nexus One vs Dust-free 4-inch Super-Amoled on Nexus S)

  • socalbrad

    I'm pretty likely to upgrade, though to be completely honest I'm a tad underwhelmed at the specs for the NS. I absolutely love my N1 and if it weren't for two major factors, I would likely hold off until the Dual Cores come out in Q1. First major factor of course being the first in line upgrades, Froyo made the N1 a completely different phone! Second is a simple requirement of space! At 512MB's I'm constantly flushing cache and removing apps, not enough developers are taking advantage of App2SD. Sadly, with the NS I will actually lose total capacity as there is no SD slot, which is a bummer as my iPod has been collecting dust for 6 months since I got a 32GB SD card.

    In the end, I'll likely be front of line for the NS, but do wish there was a bit more to it!