Mass Effect 3: Multiplayer Mode – Do you want it?

By Alan Ng - Dec 10, 2010

If you consider yourself to be a hardcore Mass Effect fan, this weekend may turn out to be one to remember, as it has been rumored that Mass Effect 3 will get a first showing at the Spike VGAs – are you ready for it?

You could argue that Xbox 360 and PC owners are more excited about the prospect of Mass Effect 3, especially considering that PS3 owners are still focused on the upcoming release of Mass Effect 2 – said to be the ‘best version’ of of the three.

However, this report over at Joystiq adds to speculation that Mass Effect will introduce something to the franchise which wasn’t featured in Mass Effect 1 and 2. You won’t need to think too hard to work out that we’re talking about multiplayer here – yep, it could be featured in Mass Effect 3.

But would you really want an online multiplayer mode in the game? It is unknown whether the game will offer traditional team deathmatch multiplayer modes, or introduce an entirely new concept to the game – we’re hoping it’s the latter. Assuming that multiplayer is announced for ME3 what ideas do you have? We’re looking for ideas which best suit the gameplay of Mass Effect 3 – let’s see what you come up with.

We’ll let you know what is announced this weekend.

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  • Klars35

    I don't want to see a multiplayer in ME 3. An MMORPG based on the Mass Effect universe would be a very welcome edition to the ME franchise. Imagine the possiblilties of that!

  • supproductions

    hell no. Don't want no kids ruining a good franchise and story

  • matthew

    if they were 2 do some sort of online mode i would only want it to be a co op mode, one person could be shepard and theo ther two could be companions eg garrus and grunt

  • Newman

    No, i don't want multi-player, Mass Effect is an RPG, and the focus should be on story and how the game connects with the player. This is something i found lacking in the second game, sadly. I would prefer the rich story, unending universe and feel of ME1, with the combat, the graphics and the crispness of ME2

  • Karl

    The first Halo had a good single player mode,but all the others have weak not worth playing single player modes,it's all about the online multiplayer,if they do this for mass effect it will ruin it,the story line will go as will the exploration and role playing elements and all will be left is a mindless shooter just like halo and the countless similar games on the xbox 360,if this happens,I won't touch anything bioware again least of all mass effect 3,but I am sure the majority will get their way,because most people who play console gaming are into shooters,and care nothing for anything else.

  • Sam

    I just hope the single player won't be affected. By the time I get to the end of the single player I probably won't feel like playing online.

    The good thing is, you get a 60 hours+ game with a multiplayer, THAT'S a 60$ worth spending.