Google Cr-48: Problems With Flash Player – What Else?

By Peter Chubb - Dec 10, 2010

The Google Cr-48 is the first laptop to come with Google Chrome OS pre-installed, and you can see by our recent article that it’s just a plain black plastic box with basic hardware. We already know that there is to be 60,000 of these devices made available, but it is the Acer and Samsung versions that we will be most interested in.

Back to the Cr-48 laptops, as with all new devices there are always problems, and this ones no different. We have learned from Joanna Stern from Engadget that the Flash Player is not working correctly, saying that when playing videos from YouTube or Hulu things are both “choppy” and “sluggish”.

Adobe is said to be aware of the issue and is currently working on the issue, but we cannot see the issue being resolved before people take possession of these new devices, as shipping has already begun. This has always been an issue with Flash, which is one reason why Steve Jobs will never support it on his iOS devices.

Electronista managed to learn more about the issue, as they learned from Paul Betlem from Adobe that the update would happen automatically, but was unable to offer any details how long we would have to wait. It certainly sounds as if the fix will take longer than a few days or weeks, and Electronista has other concerns that the Chrome OS is not polished enough. Do you think that Google has rushed the release of this new OS and laptop? What other problems with the Google Cr-48 encounter?

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