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Ballistic HC HTC EVO Case: Improved Features

Whenever I ask someone what case would they choose to protect their phone against a number of hazards that life throws at it, then the Otterbox is the case that would normally get the most mentions. However, there are a number of other alternatives, such as the Ballistic HC series.

In our email box yesterday we noticed that the company has announced a new case for the HTC EVO 4G, and that they have improved on the features over past cases. So now you can protect your EVO with a Ballistic HC just like some iPhone and BlackBerry owners do.

Some of the features include a durable screen protector, as well as polymer that help to absorb shocks, as well as a soft silicone outermost layer that help to protect everything else. The price for the case is just $49.99, which is around about the same price as the Otterbox. For more details visit the Ballistic Case website.

Below we have a video review of said case, which the company say is a must have accessory. As we all cases like this, companies like to put them through their paces and show you how you are able to drop the case without damage to your handset.

The video review then takes all five layers apart and explains what each one of them do. Not certain that I like how bulky the HTC EVO 4G looks once encased in the product – but as long as you have total protection who cares right?



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